Tipping Point praised for inclusivity as ITV show adapts for deaf contestant

tipping point ben shephard
Tipping Point praised for deaf star inclusivityITV

Tipping Point has received praise for its steps towards inclusivity for a deaf contestant.

An episode of the ITV gameshow this week included player Martine, the show's first-ever deaf contestant, as host Ben Shephard introduced the players.

"Martine, it’s worth mentioning to our viewers at home that you are deaf, so joining us in the studio is sign language instructor Liam," the presenter told the audience, as Liam stood next to the host to translate what was being said to the contestant.

tipping point contestant martine

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Martine didn't end up winning the game, though the show has since received huge praise on social media for making steps towards accessibility for her.

"#TippingPoint first time I've ever seen a deaf contestant and a signer on the show, as someone who wears hearing aids, well done and hopefully we shall so more of this," one viewer wrote on Twitter/X.

"Got #tippingpoint on in the background here & it's very cool of them to have a deaf contestant on & to have a BSL interpreter in the studio giving them the questions as they're spoken," another said.

tipping point ben shephard

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"Never seen a TV quiz show do that before but #accessibillity and inclusion are important".

A third wrote: "Wow. We’ve had visually impaired contestants on the show, and today, we’ve got a hearing impaired contestant. I’m loving how accessible the show is for everyone. I think that deserves a round of applause, don’t you think?"

A fourth added further praise, saying: "#TippingPoint is very good at making the game accessible to all players."

Tipping Point airs on ITV1 and ITVX.

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