Garbos find and return $5.5k engagement ring that accidentally went to the tip

A pair of “amazing” tip workers came to the rescue of a woman who lost her engagement ring, searching through hundreds of bags of rubbish to retrieve the lost item.

Jo Carter, 36, from Wales, was “in tears” over the kindness of the two men who managed to retrieve her $5.5k engagement ring given to her by husband Craig, 38.

Jo Carter, 36, was reunited with her lost engagement ring thanks to tip workers. Photo: Australscope

She inadvertently donated the precious jewellery to her local tip, Five Lanes Household Waste and Recycling Centre, along with 15 bags of rubbish in a clear-out.

She was in the habit of storing her ring on an old candle in her bathroom, and managed to throw out the candle while it still had her ring on it.

“In the evening it dawned on me. I said to my husband: 'Oh my God, it's in the candle, I've binned the candle',” she said.

“By the time I realised, the tip had shut. My husband called last night and they said they couldn't promise but to show up in the morning.

“In all honesty I didn't think they'd find it, I spent most of the evening crying.

“I don't normally wear it - it's too big.”

The ring ended up at the Five Lanes Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Photo: Australscope

But against the odds, a pair of workers at the centre – Rhys and Darren – managed to rediscover the missing ring, sifting through hundreds of bags of waste over a period of 45 minutes in order to recover it.

“It has huge sentimental value and is also very expensive and not insured,” Carter said.

“My husband Craig went to the tip and two amazing human beings trawled through hundreds of bags to find it. Their kindness and good hearts have had me in tears.”

Workers Rhys and Darren found the ring. Photo: Australscope
And return the item to the couple. Photo: Australscope

Expressing her gratitude to the workers, she added: “I thank them from the bottom of my heart. What a community we live in. Thank you to Rhys and Darren.”

Councillor Jane Pratt said: “I am exceptionally proud of our staff at our Five Lanes Household Waste and Recycling Centre for helping bring a happy ending to this story. This is an excellent example of our staff going above and beyond to help our community. Well done!”

With additional reporting by Francesca Specter.

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