Fat-shaming Tinder date slammed online

Penny Burfitt
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Tinder user Emily Langsdon was shamed on Tinder, but got the last laugh on Twitter. Photo: Facebook

We all know that Tinder is where common decency and basic manners go to die, and yet some of the horror shows to emerge from the app still have the power to shake us.

The latest example to turn the internet’s stomach is a cocktail of misogyny, vitriol and fat-shaming, that only the world’s number one dating app could serve up.

Twitter user Emily Langsdon took to Tinder, presumably in search of a mutually respectful relationship or hook-up, and emerged instead with a screenshot of possibly the most tummy-turning exchange to emerge from the app yet.

The dance teacher took to Twitter with the snap, which showed a conversation which went from disrespect to bare-faced fat-shaming quicker than you could say ‘red flag’.

What went down

“I’m jealous of your heart,” the man identified only as ‘Matt’ kicked off the exchange.

“It’s pumping inside of you and I’m not.”

Emily, a working dance teacher, kept her cool and simply labelled the joke ‘different’, though in fact it can be traced back to ‘pickup-lines.net’.

Emily posted screenshot of the painful exchange to Twitter. Photo: Twitter/XxNoseley

The exchange quickly went south from there - or further south, depending on how you look at it.

Matt abruptly labelled the British teacher a ‘slag’ before bizarrely diverting blame to a phantom teddy bear named ‘Olaf’, who he explained ‘gets up to a lot sometimes’.

The exchange got rapidly worse. Photo: Twitter/XxNoseley

If things weren’t bad enough, he then decided to ask Emily if she was the ‘fat one’ in the pictures, which sent the already-sinking ship into a nosedive.

“Wow you’re such a delight ain’t ya,” Emily responded.

“Bet you like angel delight you fat ****,” the charming love prospect responded, referring bizarrely to a sugar-laden British dessert in an attempt at humour.

'Matt' decided that comparing Emily to a popular confectionary range was acceptable online small talk. Photo: Angel Delight

Huge response

The exchange quickly went viral, attracting almost 40k likes, and hundreds of comments.

Emily ended up with the last laugh as almost 700 people shared their thoughts on ‘Matt’ and they weren’t very impressed.

“I apologise on behalf of all Matts,” one user called Matt wrote.

“Some people have such a high opinion of themselves,” another said. “Need bringing back to down reality.”

“Absolute weirdo. Going from a cheesy chat up line to personally insulting someone in a matter of minutes,” another wrote.

‘Matt’ joins a slew of other males called out for their Tinder antics.

One man known only as Kirk, was called out online over a worrying list of criteria for a potential lady, and one woman got the last laugh after a man shamed her ASOS dress on the app, and she later became a model for the clothing brand.

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