Tinder date's split-bill request sparks huge debate: 'Red flag'

A woman has sparked a huge debate online after recounting how her Tinder date requested they split their dinner bill '50-50' in a viral TikTok.

Marina, a Russian woman who lives in Dubai, took to TikTok to express her horror following the disappointing outing with an unnamed 'European guy', who she later says is from Austria.

TikTok user Marina recounts a date with a man in Dubai. Photo: TikTok/marina_in_dubai.
TikTok user Marina has recounted a disappointing Tinder date with a man in Dubai. Photo: TikTok/marina_in_dubai.

Tinder date gone wrong

As the title of her video suggests, the pair of expats met over Tinder and went to a restaurant for their first date.

"So I am on this date with a European guy and we are at the restaurant, he orders himself a steak, a salad, a side dish, an appetiser, a few glasses of red wine and so on," Marina explains.

In contrast to her date's hearty appetite, Marina says she got herself "one small salad and one cocktail".

So far, so good, until the check arrives at which point Marina can barely contain her disgust while recalling the man's next move.


"Then the bill comes and I was obviously like 'Oh would you like me to contribute?' and he is like 'Yeah sure let's do 50/50'.

"50/50? Are you serious? No way!" she exclaims. "I am not going to pay 50/50 for one small salad and a cocktail!"

Close-up of two credit cards and bill on table in rustic restaurant. Photo: Getty Images.
Her date's request to split the bill evenly left Marina horrified. Photo: Getty Images.

'Red flag'

Marina's outrage sparked a bit of a debate as to dating etiquette in the comments section, with some TikTok users in complete agreement that it's the man's job to foot the bill entirely.

"A guy should pay for everything and should bring you a gift for spending your time with him," one user declared.

"Red flag right there when he asked you to pay if it was actually a date!" another added.

"Run!" a third joked, to which Marina replied, "I'm already 10000000 miles away".

On the other side of the fence were those who pointed out that splitting the bill evenly can be a financial necessity as well as a sign of gender equality.

"Feminism equality and stuff as long as you benefit right?" one asked.

"I don't see what's wrong with splitting the bill or one pays then next time the other pays. We don't have the luxury to pay for someone everytime," another added.

Marina later uploaded a part two video revealing the conclusion of her date, explaining that the man suggested he pay the entire bill as long as she agreed to pay on their next date.

Marina, however, wouldn't take the bait and shut down any potential for round two.

"Guess what? Next time never happened!" she said with a grin.

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