Tim McGraw Shares Devastating Loss of Family ‘Legend’

Tim McGraw announced a devastating family loss in a touching tribute he posted on social media on Wednesday, July 10.

The country music star informed his fans and followers that Henry McGraw, his uncle and the “patriarch of the McGraw family,” died on Saturday, July 6, at age 81.

The man that the “Something Like That” singer referred to as “Uncle Hank” was “just an incredible man,” Tim wrote on Instagram.

“He had a way of lighting up any room he walked into without trying,” the Instagram tribute continued. “He was a no-bs, straight shooter. Honest and truthful, even if it hurt.”

Henry was born on January 21, 1943. He was the older brother of Tim’s father, the late Tug McGraw. Like Tug, Henry spent several years playing professional baseball. One of the two photos that Tim shared in his Instagram post was an image of his uncle’s old baseball card, which identified Henry as a catcher with the New York Mets. The snapshot showed a young Henry proudly wearing #48 as he gripped a baseball in his right hand, coiling his arm back as if to send the ball flying.

The other photo included in Tim’s post showed a much older Henry sitting at a table, a bushy white beard covering much of the lower half of his face as he leaned on one elbow and held a cigarette in his left hand.

In addition to his athletic skills, Tim wrote that his uncle also had musical and craftsman abilities, “was a good friend to all who knew him” and “told the best stories.”

“He was and continues to be a huge presence in the lives of our family and his friends,” the “Highway Don’t Care” singer’s tribute continued. “He was a legend and that legend will grow with each passing year in future generations of McGraws! We will keep his memories alive!! He loved, he was so very loved and he will be terribly missed.”

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