TikTokers have very strong opinions about this all-white inflatable playground for kids’ parties

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An all-white inflatable playground is stirring up controversy on TikTok — but the rental company is defending itself, insisting that kids love its products.

Lil’ Munchkins Playground, a party rental company located in Loma Linda, Calif., gained over 2 million views and nearly 7,000 comments when it uploaded a virtual tour of its glacial playground rental.

While TikTok is certainly no stranger to controversy and backlash — as in the case of the mom who was accused of “child abuse” for the lunches she packs her 4-year-old daughter — some people felt the responses to the all-white playground were a little over the top.

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The now-viral video opens with the text, “POV: You throw your kid the party you always wish you had 🥹.”

TikTokers were quick to refute that presumption, taking to the comments to express their thoughts on the playground.

“It’s giving Hawkins lab,” one user wrote (clearly a fan of the Netflix show, “Stranger Things”).

“That looks like something Papa would give Eleven 💀,” another Millie Bobby Brown fan wrote.

“The place in ‘Coraline’ after finding all the eyes of the children,” joked another user.

“It’s kinda giving Kim K’s house,” observed one TikToker.

“Hospitalcore,” remarked another, playing on the “aesthetic” naming convention of TikTok.

“Why is it so depressing though?” one user asked.

“This is literally so sad 😭,” cried another user.

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“This looks super fun…”

However, some people came to the defense of the all-white playground — including the rental company themselves.

“What are you guys talking about? This looks super fun,” wrote one user.

“I’m ngl, as I kid I wouldn’t have cared about the colour because that looks like so much fun!!!” another user wrote.

“Idk what y’all are saying, I would have loved this, it would feel like being on a cloud. And some kids don’t like colorful things,” another user commented.

“So you don’t like your kids to have fun?” the party rental company wrote in the caption of a follow-up video. They also responded to an angry comment by saying, “Kids don’t really care, they just jump on [and] play 😁.”

While the all-white aesthetic might not be everyone’s cup of tea, most will probably agree that any child would appreciate a party thrown with love — no matter what the color palette.

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