TikTokers are using synesthesia to assign colors to their favorite movies, shows and more

A new video editing trend known as “X is Red, Yellow, Green, Blue” (or “Thing is Red, Yellow, Green, Blue”) is introducing people to the concept of synesthesia.

According to experts, synesthesia is when your brain experiences multiple senses simultaneously. This means that people with synesthesia experience sensations like hearing colors, feeling sounds and even tasting shapes. It’s also incredibly rare, affecting just 2% to 5% of the general population.

Synesthesia has been the subject of viral trends before, including in 2022, when TikTokers kept asking each other, “What color is your name?”

People are once again talking about the rare condition after TikToker @.xkleener posted a video asking users what color they associate with the video game Genshin Impact.

“Genshin is X,” the video text reads, before the colors red, yellow, green and blue cycle through in the background.

Since the TikTok first went up in early September, it’s quickly shot to over 1 million views, bringing in nearly 3,000 responses.

It’s also spawned countless other TikToks just like it.

However, the trend has exploded now that people use it to describe their favorite movies, TV shows and more — not just video games or anime.

And in many cases, they have strong opinions when it comes to their color theory.

The trend has even gone ultra meta, with some users giving a color to the song used in the videos — a piano version of “Le Monde.”

“the piano is green one gives me a BRAIN ITCH,” commented @princesskettlecorn.

“Piano is blue in my opinion,” added @_the.brown.haired.girl_.

According to an article in the Scientific American, many used to write off synesthesia as a hoax.

People with the condition were often “dismissed as having overactive imaginations, confusing memories for perceptions or taking metaphorical speech far too literally,” according to the article’s authors. “Recent research, however, has documented the reality of synesthesia and is beginning to make headway into understanding what might cause such unusual perceptions.”

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