TikTokers Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez Document Their First Few Dates After Meet-Cute in Viral Video

The social media stars' blossoming romance began after they first collaborated in a TikTok video shared on June 2

<p>tiktok</p>  TikTokers Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez


TikTokers Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez
  • TikTok stars Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez have gone viral after they first met while collaborating on a video posted on June 2

  • That clip accumulated over 32 million views online and thousands of comments that urged Bergantino to ask Gonzalez out on a date

  • Now a couple, the social media stars have said they have been overwhelmed "in the best way possible" by the reaction from fans

Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez's love story is blossoming online!

The TikTokers — he from South Carolina and she from Miami — are social media's newest favorite couple after a video of their adorable meet-cute went viral this month, garnering over 32 million views. They've since been documenting their relationship for their followers to see.

None of this was in the plan when Gonzalez, 21, initially reached out to Bergatino, 30, to collaborate on a video together while he was visiting Florida. The influencers — who often post about their height (she's 6'1" and he's 6'9") — both saw the opportunity to work together as simply a chance to cross-pollinate their audiences.

“It was so weird because I was going into this thinking, ‘Okay, cool, this is just going to be a typical collab,'" Bergantino said, in an interview with TODAY.com. “But then when we started talking, I felt like I knew her my whole life.”

Fans saw the sparks fly in that first video, which was posted to Bergantino's channel on June 2.

Initially innocent, their conversation turned flirtatious when Gonzalez was asked about her ideal height in a man. She initially responded that she “cares more about who they are as a person” rather than their height (“I’ve been with men that are taller than me and shorter than me. Both of them have sucked, so it’s not really about height.") before picking 6'9" — Bergantino’s actual height.

Turning the questions around, Gonzalez then asked Bergantino about his ideal height is in a woman. “How tall are you again?” he said, admitting that he “liked her” later on.

The TikTok earned over 4 million likes and thousands of comments urging Bergantino to ask Gonzalez out on a date.

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Now it was Gonzalez's turn to interview Bergantino. In a follow-up TikTok posted on June 4, she went right for the relationship questions, asking him about his dating life.

"I'm single if that's what you're asking," Bergantino told a smily Gonzalez, before admitting that "dating life is tough out there" and that "people just want to date me because I'm 6'9"."

"That's why I'm so into the 'heart over height thing' because it's so annoying," he said, Gonzalez opening up to say that she's had "similar experiences."

Their playful interaction and flirty banter from the first video continued through their second interview. In the end, Bergantino asked Gonzalez out to get coffee the next day. "Yeah, yeah," Gonzalez said. "I have a good spot I'm going to take you to. I'll show you."

That coffee date, unsurprisingly, was documented for the pair's TikTok followers.

Gonzalez first posted a 'get ready with me' (GRWM) video on June 5, before turning on the camera again for a post interview with Bergantino about the date.

They shared in the TikTok that they “both like Star Wars” and bonded over having their own lightsabers. She even offered to take him back to the airport that night for him to fly back home ot Greenville.

'I definitely want to come back Miami, I got a lot of good content, but, I mean... you'd be the main reason I come back," Bergantino told Gonzalez.

"I want to get to South Carolina," she followed up. "I think that's more our speed."

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Since then, the couple have respectively shared updates with their followers about their relationship. Gonzalez revealed that she received flowers from Bergantino on June 7 and he posted a song that he wrote for Gonzalez called “My Intentions” in a video posted on the same day.

“Can’t describe how this feels / a pretty girl who’s pretty real / I’m so glad you wore those heels,” he sang in the song.

On June 15, Gonzalez flew over to Greenville to visit Bergantino, and they’ve both created more videos together. She told Bergantino in a TikTok posted on June 15 that she “loves” the city. She also revealed that they have been on FaceTime together for most of the last week.

“We’ve been talking for like 24/7 because it’s been so overwhelming in the best way possible,” Bergantino said in response to their relationship going viral.

Gonzalez also said she got recognized in the airport on the way to Greenville and that the people she spoke with were “super supportive and super sweet.” The couple even got recognized by a few more people in another TikTok on June 18 when they were on their way to Nordstrom.

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Both Bergantino and Gonzalez agreed that they typically prefer not to share their relationships online, but this experience has been different for the both of them. 

“I told myself the next person I was gonna post at all was gonna be the person I was gonna marry,” he said. “So it’s kinda crazy [that] this all happened.”

On June 20, Gonzalez posted an update that Bergantino offered to help her sister move into college and would be tagging along on a trip to Epcot at Disney World for her mom's 50th birthday.

Gonzalez called the Disney trip the "craziest triple date of my life," since Bergantino would also be meeting her family for the first time. The video concluded with a fit check, with Begantino and Gonzalez wearing matching outfits.

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