TikTokers spot major change in Lea Michele’s ‘Funny Girl’ costume: ‘As a bigger bodied person, it was noticed, felt and noted’

A TikToker is calling out Funny Girl for a not-so-subtle fatphobic costume change.

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The Broadway revival of Funny Girl has been nothing short of drama. Beanie Feldstein’s casting as lead Fanny Brice got mixed reviews — with some even citing nepotism.

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The internet was eager to use Feldstein’s casting as a way to relish in Michele’s downfall following allegations of racism and bullying on Glee. But when Feldstein parted from the show earlier than anticipated, the internet took it as an opportunity to relish in Feldstein’s downfall and rehab Michele’s image. Some felt like Brice’s appearance had something to do with it.

Now TikTokers have noticed a pretty obvious difference in how Michele’s Brice is styled in comparison to Feldstein’s.

TikToker @probabilily dueted @alainanoelleo calling out the Broadway production.

“It took them no more than 3 seconds to remove the sleeves and change Fanny Brice’s final dress after Beanie Feldstein. You can say whatever you want about it. As a bigger bodied person, it was noticed, felt and noted,” @alainanoelleo explained.

Then @probabilily added more images of the dresses for comparison. Michele’s dress showed off more skin with simple spaghetti straps. It was also cut above her calves. Feldstein’s dress had flowing sleeves and the hemline hit the floor. Some of the images showed Fanny Brice’s understudy, Julie Benko, wearing the different versions.

“Shorten the sleeves, shorten the dress, because bodies are meant to be celebrated, right?” @probabilily wrote in the caption.

Commenters also noticed the differences between the looks.

“I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO BRING THIS UP. Beanie deserves so much and deserved SO MUCH BETTER,” a user wrote.

“Holy… I went back and looked at Beanies dress and it isn’t even in the same concept. That’s a whole other dress. Oh my god,” another said.

“As a costume professional, I noticed immediately and was livid. they removed the sleeves a week ago for Julie and I knew…” someone added.

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