TikTokers show frustration by being interrupted: ‘I get so mad when people call’

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A new sound on TikTok — pulled from an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians — is helping users show just how frustrated they are when someone interrupts them.

The original clip posted by @mvsid in late 2022 shows Khloe Kardashian begrudgingly answering a phone call from her brother.

“Yes, Robert. What do you want now? More money, a check, a car, my soul?” she said.

That was a popular line from the show then, and it’s now working its way back into the mainstream, as the audio has over 15,000 posts credited to it.

“My dad when I call him at the end of the month to ask for more money, ” @mvsid wrote in their post.

Several users feel the same way as Khloe Kardashian when a family member calls them.

“Oldest daughters when any family member calls,” said @jasminealleva in her post.

“The anxiety that instantly goes through my body when they call, like whats happened now!” said @emilybanks2.

“Oldest daughter = 3rd parent,” replied @esthijessi.

While some TikTokers aren’t expecting people to ask them for money, the idea of a phone call from an unwanted person is still triggering.

“When your student job keeps making you work instead of letting you do homework,” wrote @rishikavinny.

Other student employees joined her in the struggle.

“I get so mad when people call like what do you want from MEEEE,” said @salsaghettitwenty.

People are getting especially annoyed in their dating lives. Users have exes and former flings trying to reenter their lives, which isn’t something TikTokers want to entertain.

“When my ex situationship that practically destroyed me adds me back on snap,” wrote @fatherlessbehavi0r in her post.

Whether it’s family, relationships or work, TikTokers simply want to be left alone, and people are not granting them that privilege.

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