TikTokers are sharing their eerie premonitions to the tune of an unsettling song

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Daisy Daisy song
Daisy Daisy song

TikTok is knee-deep in spook, thanks to a creepy version of a 19th century song called “Daisy Bell.”

What TikTokers call the “Daisy Daisy” song has spawned an unsettling meme. People are rehashing unexplainable moments from their lives and sharing sinister historical anecdotes scored to the tune. Here’s why you might feel a cold shiver run down your spine the next time you hear someone sing “Daisy Daisy.”

The original sound was creepy from the start

The first user who uploaded the audio showed footage of an abandoned Disney World. What was once full of bustling, happy people now looks like a haunted swamp.

The lyrics start off with an upbeat singer crooning, “Daisy Daisy,” and then it switches to a much creepier voice, who continues, “Give me your answer, do!” The voices continue to alternate as they say, “I’m half crazy/ all for the love of you!”

The spooky voice is actually a sample from MTV’s Scream television series.

The real song has an eerie story behind it

British songwriter Harry Dacre wrote “Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)” in 1892. The song is said to be inspired by King Edward VI’s mistress, Daisy Greville, Countess of Warwick.

When Dacre came to America, he had to pay a hefty import fee to transport his bicycle. His friend, songwriter William Jerome, joked, “It’s lucky you didn’t bring a bicycle built for two, otherwise you’d have to pay double duty.” Dacre was moved by the phrase “bicycle built for two” and penned the song around it. The tune became famous in the U.S. when Jennie Lindsay sang it at the Atlantic Gardens on the Bowery in 1892.

“Daisy Bell” is also a part of history in another major way. In 1961, it became the earliest song performed using computer speech synthesis by the IBM 704.

Examples of the ‘Daisy Daisy’ TikTok trend

TikToker Aaron Bernard used the song to highlight disturbing historical photos, like a vintage photo of a mother and her deceased child along with a “normal” picture of the convicted serial killer Michael Gargiulo.

Bernard also shared photos of “scary things hidden in photos.”


I think about this memory all the time. I never even said anything to them before or after.

♬ original sound – boo

Meanwhile, @justroughdrafts recalled the time he was 13 and predicted his family’s car crash moments before it happened.

The user @milfbody shared a dream where a friend told her to wake up… because there was someone in the room with her in real life.

TikToker @cheysecret00 had her own disturbing story. While flying home on a near-empty plane, her gut told her a passenger was going to open the emergency door. She strapped herself in with seatbelts seconds before the passenger opened the door. Horrifying.

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