TikToker starts debate over what an intertwined fingers hand hold means

TikToker starts debate over what an intertwined fingers hand hold means

A TikToker may have just cracked the code on relationship chemistry with her “intertwined fingers” theory, but the internet is divided.

Famed influencer Eli Rallo took to social media to offer up her opinion on what a specific type of handholding means in accordance with a healthy, intimate relationship. And, of course, she used Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as her prime example.

Using the picture of the Grammy winner and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end walking to dinner on a night out in New York City, Eli pointed to their point of contact on the sidewalk. She noted how their hands weren’t just cupped around each others, but their fingers were laced between – and to Eli, this meant something special.

“I just want to make one thing abundantly clear. This is something very different than this,” she said as she switched between Swift holding Kelce’s hand and a generic photo of two hands cupped together.

On the picture of the “Anti-Hero” singer and NFL star, Eli noted: “This is giving like last night we said I love you for the first time, now we can’t stop saying it. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

In Eli’s opinion, if your fingers aren’t intertwined with your significant other, you guys “hate each other”.

“This is we hate each other, but we’re still together because it’s convenient,” the fashion fan said as she referenced the photo of the hands grabbing the backs of the other.

To support her claim even more, Eli pointed out how allegedly every other picture of Swift with a boyfriend shows them holding hands her “bad” way. However, aside from Kelce, Swift was photographed with her fingers laced between Jake Gyllenhaal when the pair were dating.

Eli elaborated on her “working thesis,” adding how “hot men” would always make it a point to hold your hand with intertwined fingers.

“Number two: men who are good in bed are always going to hold hands like this,” she continued. “And you should never settle for one of these paw things.”

With over 1.1 million views, 6,619 TikTok users flocked to the comments to add their opinion, agreeing and arguing against Eli’s thesis.

“Intertwined fingers is the ONLY way,” one viewer agreed, while another said: “I just got intertwined fingers for the first time and ladies the paw is TRASH.”

Eagle-eyed “Swifties” noted how the other man the 33-year-old powerhouse vocalist laced her fingers with was Tom Hiddleston.

“The paw always felt like little kids holding hands on the playground for me hahahaha like WHY,” one amused viewer commented.

Meanwhile, critics disputed Eli’s claim and argued that “intertwined fingers” were uncomfortable.

“I can’t do intertwined fingers because my husband’s hands are way bigger than mine and it hurts. So, I hold his fingers or paw, and I love it,” one viewer admitted.

Another person pointed out: “The intertwined fingers is anxious grab. The other one is the normal holding hands.”

“Why are you doing this? People literally have different ways of holding hands. It doesn’t mean anything,” someone else wrote.

The Independent has contacted Eli for a comment.