TikToker slams date for trying to ‘pick’ her outfit for dinner: ‘No one’s gonna tell me what to do’

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A woman is going viral after sharing her horrible first-date experience.

A TikTok user named Margaux (@margauxrita_) posted the story on April 20, and it quickly drew over 1 million views. In her clip, she explained what happened after a guy tried to tell her exactly what to wear on their date.

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Dating etiquette, particularly bad dating etiquette, is often a source of major discussion on TikTok. In one recent clip, a divorce lawyer explained why he believes guys should “always” pay on first dates. In another, a woman showed what happened after a guy asked her to Venmo him for the coffee he bought her.

Margaux’s clip was similar. Her video has drawn hundreds of thousands of comments criticizing the man’s behavior.

Margaux starts by showing that her date sent a text telling her to “just wear like black jeans and a black sweater or something like that.” Originally, she thought it was just a soft suggestion. Still, she didn’t see why she should listen.

“Well no one’s gonna tell me what to do,” she says in the video. “So, I didn’t wear that.”

However, when Margaux got to the restaurant, the guy didn’t even say hello to her. Apparently, he greeted her by saying, “Well, that doesn’t look like a black sweater.”

“I really should’ve left at this point, but I didn’t,” she adds. “And it got so much worse.”

Later in the date, Margaux asked the guy why he requested such a specific outfit. He told her he “just thinks women look best in a black sweater and jeans.”

According to Margaux, the guy also told her he would never speak to her again if she changed her hair color.

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TikTok commenters had plenty to say about the encounter.

“The way he thought he could FORM u into the person he wanted to go on a date with???” one user wrote. “Like sir u realize ur dating…HUMAN PEOPLE, right?”

“I’m so sorry you went through this,” another added.

“It was so nice of him to show you his red flags so soon!” another joked.

As if the situation couldn’t get worse, Margaux later posted a long follow-up clip. In that video, she detailed even more controlling behavior, such as trying to make her eat sushi and continuously asking her for a kiss.

Margaux also shared a text exchange that took place after the nightmare date, in which she called him out on his behavior.

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