TikToker shares how to use a shower rod to organize purses and transform small closets: ‘great use of dead space’

TikTok is calling one woman’s closet hack “genius” after she repurposed an old shower curtain rod to organize her extensive handbag collection.

A stylist named Daniela (@n.daniverse) shared the viral hack, and she’s pretty impressed with herself for coming up with it.

“This has to be the best organizing solution for purses,” she wrote in her post caption. “I feel like mf Einstein.”

Much like the TikToker who recently turned a tissue box into a grocery bag dispenser, this viral DIY is low-cost and incredibly simple.

Daniela used a shower rod she already owned and only had to buy some inexpensive “S” hooks to complete the job. And, because it was a tension rod that required no drilling, she only needed to place the rod where she wanted it and tighten it to fit the space.

For added security, the TikToker also placed two thumbtacks beneath each end to help keep the rod in place.

By doing so, the stylist was able to hang dozens of purses up and out of the way, utilizing unused closet space and clearly displaying each bag for her to see.

The organizing hack has racked up more than 625,000 views and nearly 1,000 comments in just a few days.

So far, TikTokers are praising it for being both smart and practical.

“I love this because you can visually see your purses,” wrote @evoljay95, while @annal442 called it a “great use of dead space.”

Others joked that Daniela’s use of thumbtacks instead of nails or screws was rather crafty.

“okayyyy Bob the Builder with the lil support tacks,” wrote @kenni_mcp.

“women in stem,” quipped @babyfacepixel.

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