TikToker shares hilarious sketch on how different people hold babies: ‘So accurate’

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A TikToker went viral for his hilarious “tutorial” on how different people hold babies.

The video, which was created by TikToker Daniel LaBelle (@daniel.labelle), got over 7 million views in one day and had viewers relating to the accuracy of the impressions.

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Thankfully, no real babies were carried in the making of this video. Instead, LaBelle used a doll to show the hilarious ways different people hold an infant.

Some of the highlights include “the dad,” which involves holding a baby with one arm while walking quickly; “the risky dad,” who carries the baby on his shoulders; and of course the “riskier dad,” who balances his baby on the palm of his hand while walking.

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Then there’s the classic “male adult who is not a dad,” who carries the baby as though he has never touched, seen or heard of a baby in his life.

LaBelle also does “the mom,” who kicks up a yoga mat into a basket while holding a baby, and the “middle school babysitter,” who is holding the baby while taking a mirror selfie.

He also mixes in hilarious impressions of grandparents and older brothers. 

While obviously a comedy skit, the viral clip hit close to home for millions of viewers. 

The “middle school babysitter” in particular, seemed to really resonate with people. 

“The middle school babysitter and grandpa was sooooo accurate,” said one comment. 

“The middle schooler!! Nailed it!!!” added another. 

Some commenters even offered LaBelle some new material, should he decide to make a part 2. 

“You forgot the person who gets a baby shoved into their arms but doesn’t want it so they hold it in front of them,” suggested one user, who has clearly had some experience in the field. 

“You forgot older sister. She threw me off a swing and proceeded to throw the baby bottle at me,” said another. That’s quite the story! 

LaBelle has over 17 million TikTok followers, so this viral tutorial is nothing new for the talented creator. Whether or not you agree with his depictions, you’ll definitely be overthinking how you hold a baby next time the opportunity presents itself.

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