TikToker shares clever pants hack to get the right fit: ‘How do you guys come up with this?’

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Credit: nicolefay_/TikTok
Credit: nicolefay_/TikTok

TikToker Nicole Fay (@nicolefay_) shared a genius hack she discovered on the social media platform for finding the right pants size, and it will change how you shop.

When shopping for pants, finding the right fit can be challenging, especially when you’re not in the mood to try on pair after pair. Fortunately, you’ll never have to spend any more time inside a dressing room, thanks to this hack from TikToker and content creator Halley Kate (@halleykate), which fellow TikToker Fay tested and confirmed in a recent video.

Fay’s clip opens with Kate’s video, where she shows viewers a trick for finding the correct pants size that doesn’t involve a trip to the dressing room. Instead of trying them on, Kate recommends wrapping the waist of the pants around your neck.

Kate explains that if the sides of the waist barely touch each other when wrapped around your neck, those pants should be the right fit. If the sides don’t touch at all, they’re too small. If they overlap, they’re too big.

In response to Kate’s tutorial, the clip features a series of quick cuts where Fay grabs her purse and keys, then quickly heads out the door before jumping into her car and arriving at the jeans section of a store.

Like a modern-day Goldilocks shopping for denim, Fay wraps a few pairs of jeans around her neck to find the one that will fit just right. While the first pair is too small and the second is too big, the third fits just right.

Eager to find out if Kate’s method works, Fay rushes home to try on the jeans. After removing her old jeans and slipping on her new pair, Fay discovers that the pants fit perfectly.

“How do you guys come up with this?” she asks in astonishment before the video comes to a close.

A familiar hack

While this pants-sizing trick is a recent discovery for Fay, viewers were quick to point out that the method has been around for some time.

“I think only Americans didn’t know,” one user hypothesized.

“I remember my mom doing this to me in the Value Village growing up,” reminisced one TikToker

“This tip has been passed down in my family for generations,” one viewer proudly declared.

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