TikToker sends followers wild with 'magic' cleaning hack: 'Why am I only learning this now?'

Say goodbye to fruit stains forever with this simple trick.

Transform your laundry routine with a TikTok mum’s brilliant hack using boiling water for stains
Transform your laundry routine with a TikTok mum’s brilliant hack using boiling water for stains. Photo: TikTok/@a_mothers_tale

TikTok is at it again with epic mum hacks, and this one might just be the holy grail of laundry tips. Dubbed the "best mum hack ever," family blogger Emma from @a_mothers_tale has shared a seemingly magical solution that could revolutionise the way you tackle those stubborn fruit stains on your kids' clothes, and save you money in the process.

"Apparently boiling water on any fruit stain, doesn't matter what fruit stain it is, literally anything, is like magic. I want to see if it works," Emma explained in her video. She lined up several of her little ones' outfits, each sporting what looked like battle scars from a lost fight with a punnet of strawberries.


With curiosity and a touch of scepticism, Emma poured boiling water straight from the kettle onto the stains. And like magic, the stains indeed disappeared.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed, "stop it. Can you see that? GONE!"

TikTok is buzzing over a mum’s genius use of boiling water to erase fruit stains from clothes. Photo: TikTok/@a_mothers_tale
TikTok is buzzing over a mum’s genius use of boiling water to erase fruit stains from clothes. Photo: TikTok/@a_mothers_tale

It's moments like these that make TikTok the go-to place for life-changing hacks. Emma’s followers were just as stunned, with many excited to try this out on their own laundry disasters.

"What is this sorcery??" one user exclaimed, summing up the general amazement.

Others were astonished by the simplicity of the solution. "Just plain boiled water? Surely not!" one follower questioned, while another added, "What??? I'm sorry what!? No way! 35 years on earth and never heard of this! That's brilliant!"

Many parents shared their own experiences and frustrations. "Am I seriously just finding this out after I've had 4 kids and thrown out sooo many clothes over the years?" one exasperated parent wrote. Another chimed in, "Why am I only learning this now with a 14-month-old?"

In fact, the hack seemed almost too good to be true for many.

"How has this not been passed down from generations? Seriously never heard of this. All the chemicals, soakings and scrubbings. And all we needed was boiling water?" someone pondered. Others were keen to test it out on different stains: "I'll need to try this on orange stains, so many clothes are ruined by them!" one user noted.

There were plenty of success stories shared in the comments as well. "I've saved so many baby clothes like this!" celebrated one parent. Another agreed, "It literally disappears!"

However, there were also some clarifications and caveats to the method. One user shared, "I tried yesterday on watermelon, it didn't work. But works perfectly on strawberries!" Another clarified for the curious minds, "Doesn't work if the item has already been washed. Tried it on a few things."

a natural light horizontal portrait of a cute toddler girl with brown hair and eyes is having fun eating raspberries put on fingers wearing a neutral light shirt looking in the camera
Using boiling water could be a real game-changer for notoriously hard-to-remove berry stains. Photo: Getty

For many however, this tip was nothing short of life-changing. "This made my day," one ecstatic user wrote. Emma's simple yet effective discovery has indeed struck a chord with parents everywhere.

According to Mise en Place's Queen of clean, Anita Birges, this hack really does work! We caught up with Anita to find out just how effective it is, and she did add in one disclaimer, "It's best on stains that haven't been through the wash yet."

"I've been using this method ever since my kids were babies," she says. "It works like magic."


Anita shared her own step-by-step technique:

  1. Place a large glass bowl under the stained area of the clothing, holding it tightly in place.

  2. Boil a kettle and slowly pour the boiling water over the stain. The water seeps through and lifts the stain away!

  3. For stubborn, set-in stains, apply a little shaving cream and brush it over the area.

  4. Carefully remove the clothing from the bowl, as it may still be hot.

  5. Wash the item on a normal cycle.

With these simple steps, you'll be able to tackle those tough stains like a pro, just by putting the kettle on!

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