TikToker reveals how to reply to 'know-it-all' coworkers who are 'constantly trying to tell me how to do my job'

This might be the best — or only — way to deal with “know-it-all coworkers.”

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There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who’s always quick to pick your work apart when theirs is hardly enviable. TikToker @dwikumbiniii, who describes herself as a “corporate bear,” shared exactly how she navigates the uncomfortable workplace dynamic.

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“My way of saying ‘I don’t give a d*mn anymore’ to that know-it-all coworker,” the video text said.

She zoomed into the chat box on her screen. While she didn’t include much context for the exchange, she showed how she responded in short one-word answers like “cool,” “nevermind,” “understand,” “works for me,” and “ok lah.”

“The know-it-all: their work’s a mess but they’re telling others how to do their jobs,” the caption read.

People had a lot of feelings about the “know-it-alls” in their lives.

“Or the ones who always find a way to ask you to do their work,” a user commented.

“If they know-it-all they should do-it-all,” another suggested.

“I have worked with coworkers constantly trying to tell me how to do my job meanwhile their work was hurriedly completed & shoddy,” someone wrote.

“I started talking like this to my male coworkers and they all started acting right and being so polite,” a person said.

“I do the same thing in Slack now! Lol no arguing. I just be like ‘yup, ok girl, you got it!’ Smhhh. I love my peace too much,” a TikToker replied.

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