TikToker reveals mom’s ’90s hack for avoiding expensive afterschool programs

This TikToker shared how her mom would have her and her brother go to Universal Studios each day as a cheaper alternative to an afterschool program, and viewers are beyond impressed by the clever parenting hack.

TikToker Liv Vasquez (@cheflivvasquez) is a chef and event planner whose work has been featured on Netflix and other major digital networks. Recently, Vasquez posted a video where she explained how her mom would send her and her brother to Universal Studios Theme Park each day after school since it was cheaper than enrolling them in an afterschool program, and viewers are blown away by the genius parenting hack.

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The clip opens with a close-up shot of Vasquez’s old Universal Studios Theme Park pass in all its ‘90s glory, where she’s pictured wearing glasses and choker necklaces.

Vasquez explains that her mom realized an annual pass from Universal Studios for two kids was cheaper than their afterschool programs. “So me and my brother would take the bus after school every day to Universal Studios,” she recalls while flipping over the “Celebrity Annual Pass,” revealing its bright, over-the-top graphics.

“Our school bus dropped us off literally right in front of the studios, so we would just go to Universal Studios after school every day, ” Vasquez chuckles, fondly remembering that her brother also applied to be on the TV game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple several times before the video comes to a close.

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Viewers took to the comments to express excitement over the brilliant hack, while others shared how their families had a similar “afterschool program.”

“That sounds like a TV show! Imagine if TikTok existed back then. Great content every day, lol,” one user mentioned.

“OMG! My dad did the same but for Six Flags Magic Mountain. We even got to know the employees. Our parents were geniuses back then,” said one TikToker.

“There was an article a couple of years ago about a woman who gave up her shared office space and got a Universal Studios pass and worked there on the WiFi,” one viewer shared.
Be it a DIY office space or an afternoon at a theme park, options for afterschool activities come in all shapes and sizes.

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