TikToker’s peach hack reveals how to remove the pit without a knife: ‘My mind was blown’

If you’re a peach lover who doesn’t enjoy eating around the pit, Jerrica Vaughn (@jerricavaughnfit) has a hack that’s just peachy.

The “health, hair, hacks and humor” influencer shared the peach pit hack in a TikTok that has been watched over 820,000 times.

Using a simple pair of needle nose pliers, Vaughn demonstrated how you can grab the pit with the ends of the plier, then keeping the pliers firmly on the pit, twist and pull it straight out, leaving the rest of the pitless peach ready to be eaten.

“Is your mind blown? My mind was blown,” she admitted at the end of the video.

Commenters in her TikTok pointed out that the hack might only work with freestone peaches, not clingstone peaches, because, as Lane Southern Orchards explains, clingstone peaches have an inner flesh that “clings” to the pit, making it more challenging to remove. Lane Southern Orchards also adds that most peaches you find in the grocery store are freestone peaches, while local orchards or backyard farmers may be more apt to carry the clingstone peaches — which have a juicer and sweeter taste than freestone.

Lane Southern Orchards notes that pit removal generally isn’t a problem with freestone peaches because “the pit virtually falls out when you cut them.” However, Vaughn’s hack could be ideal for someone who doesn’t want to cut the peach. There’s also a hybrid peach that’s a cross between both clingstone and freestone varieties, called the semi-freestone, so Vaughn’s hack could work more easily on the hybrid version as well.

However, other influencers, such as Nicole K. Modic (@kalejunkie), have tried the pliers-peach hack and claimed that it works even with clingstone peaches.

Even if you can’t use the pliers peach hack, Vaughn’s TikTok was also full of other ideas for simplified peach pit removal.

“I cut mine in half and core the pit with a melon baller. Comes out so perfect!” noted @at2889.

“I just cut around the circumference (like an avocado) and then pull it out. Both techniques are only going to work on freestone peaches anyways,” added @earthlydelight.

“Just push your thumbs threw and pit will come out bottom,” said @sarah.lou88.

“If you’re eating the peach at ultimate ripeness, the pit should fall out on its own,” claimed @glitter.is.in.the.air.

Some of Vaughn’s commenters also wondered if the technique could be applied to other pitted fruit.

“I wonder if it would work for plums & apricots, too?” queried @theothertwardzik.

“Someone tried a nectarine and said it worked great!” Vaughn replied.

“​​Yes! I think this will be even more helpful for nectarines which I find more difficult to twist off the pit without pulverizing them,” added @lizzy_jane_2776.

Overall, the hack may be worth a try if you don’t want to cut your peaches or eat them without a pit, but ultimate success could depend on how ripe the peach is and what type of peach it is. And no matter what others might think of it, Vaughn admitted that her hack is one she personally employs to great satisfaction.

“Regardless, still blows my mind and saves me soo much time, mess, and peach!!!” she wrote.

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