TikToker details living with three dads: ‘I thought that was normal’

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A woman on TikTok has shared her unlikely childhood experience living with three different dads under the same roof.

Raquel (@life_of_raquel) detailed the lifestyle to her followers, explaining that she didn’t think it was unusual at all growing up.

Raquel said that growing up she thought all parents lived with their ex-partners. Photo: TikTok/@life_of_raquel

The initial video, which currently has over 390k views, was created in response to the trending question: “Tell me something that your family made you think was normal growing up?”

Raquel then told her story of living in the same house with her mum, her mum’s first husband ‘Bill Daddy’, her mum’s second husband ‘Daddy Rich’, and her biological dad ‘Daddy Pete’ for “years and years and years”.

“I started going to friend’s houses, and then I saw that some of their mums were remarried,” she said in the first video.

“And I’m like, oh where’s their first husband? Why isn’t he here? And they’re like, why would he be here?

“I’m like, oh well my mum’s first husband, current husband and my dad live under our same roof, I just figured that everybody does too, I thought that was normal. And they’re like, that’s not normal Raquel.”

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In a follow-up video, Raquel described exactly how their one-of-a-kind living situation came about.

She began by saying that her mum got married and had a kid with ‘Bill Daddy’ at 17 and then got divorced. After this, she married ‘Daddy Rich’ and had two kids before also getting divorced.

“And then she went to a bar at 44 and got pregnant with me with Daddy Pete,” she continued.


“After she had me, she got re-married to her second husband Daddy Rich. And then a few years later, Daddy Pete and Bill Daddy had some health issues and they needed help getting taken care of.

“So my mum went to Daddy Rich to ask if that was ok if they’d live with them, and Daddy Rich said that was ok.”

She captioned the last part of the video, writing: “Don’t worry, she stayed faithful to her current husband Daddy Rich during this time. Maybe.”

Raquel expressed doubt that her mum stayed faithful to her current husband. Photo: TikTok/@life_of_raquel

In a third video, Raquel admitted that as a child she wasn’t aware which man was her biological father.

“I didn’t really know who my real dad was until I was about 10 when he told me,” she says.

“Daddy Rich, my mum’s current husband, was the one that really took care of me.”

Followers on TikTok took to the comments section to share the humour in her story, even comparing it to the plot of Mamma Mia!.

“Three men leaving socks on the floor, no thank you,” one person joked.

“Three dads, three Father’s Day gifts lol,” a second user wrote, while another said, “you need a TV show”.

Others took the chance to tell their own similar experiences.

“I had my ex living with us at one point because he needed help,” someone shared. “My husband and him are friends so it worked out.”

“I sort of have the same story but my mum remarried a woman so it was my mum, her wife and my dad,” another revealed.

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