'Magic stick': Social media causes huge frenzy over $8 Big W beauty item

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A TikTok video has caused a huge frenzy over a beauty product that is now officially for sale in Australia at Big W.

The video created by beauty lover @looksbylexington caused the Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller to sell out in the US and the $8 item is now available in stores in Australia.

A beauty product that promptly sold out after a TikTok video went viral is now available in Australia. Photo: TikTok/LooksByLexington

In the video, Lexington says she's going to test the product in the video to see if it helps with her oily skin issue.

"I have really oily skin, so I'm going to try this new Revlon Oil Control On-The-Go stick. It's made out of real volcanic stone and it's like a roller and you roll it on your face and it's supposed to take away your oil.

"You guys can see that I am oily AF, so let’s just roll it and see what it does," she said.

As she rolls the product on her skin she is visibly stunned by the results it gives her.

"It literally gets rid of all the shine and it like doesn’t mess with your makeup at all,” she explained.

“What the heck? This thing is crazy. Obsessed. Wow.”

One commenter wrote, "Sold out everywhere." Another added, "I have literally been trying to find this everywhere and everywhere it is sold out or they don’t have it it’s driving me crazy can someone help me."

Many others wrote that they "needed" the item and were unable to find it anywhere.

Revlon's Oil-Absorbing Roller is now available at Big W, Chemist Warehouse and Amazon. Photo: Revlon

The video has since had almost seven million views with News Corp reporting that a spokesperson for the brand revealed the content was not paid for by Revlon but did cause it to "sell out across the US".

Now, the product is available at Chemist Warehouse, Big W and Amazon.

Customers on Amazon call the roller a "must have" with one user referring to it as a "magic stick".

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