TikTok users baffled by ‘eye trick’ promising to help you fall in love

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A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing her ‘psychology eye trick’ to help make people fall in love with you.

Sophie-Rose (@sophieroselloyd) posted a video tutorial for the ‘trick’, which she claims was introduced by psychologists as a positive way of communication.

The Notebook.
A TikTok ‘trick’ has gone viral for using eye contact to help make someone fall in love with you. Photo: The Notebook

The UK influencer explained that it only works on people that you have a crush on and there is already a mutual interest, so it doesn’t have an effect on strangers.

“It’s really good with your crush or someone you like and it’s a really good way of making them clear on how you feel,” she said.


According to Sophie-Rose, you first have to make sure you’re in a one-on-one conversation with the person you’re interested in.

“It might not work if you’re in a group because their attention will be on all the people around the table,” she detailed

“You want to look in their left eye for one second, to their lips for one and a half to two seconds, then to their right eye.”

She emphasised that the order is important so you have to start with the eye that is on your left, which is technically their right.

The ‘triangle method’ is regarded as a way to build trust through eye contact. Photo: TikTok/sophieroselloyd

The video creator also expressed that it’s important to do this only when the other person is speaking, as they would be too distracted for it to work when you’re the one talking.

“I can guarantee that if done with the right person at the right time, they will literally be like, ‘What!?’,” she assured.

“I’ve done this with people I’ve liked, I’ve done it with my best friend just to see if it really, really does work and it definitely does.”

In other videos, she confirmed that it works on both men and women and that while it might not really be a ‘trick’, it’s “more of a way of showing emotion and affection for those you love”.

A few users took to the comments to explain the theory behind the flirting technique, which is said to built trust and create intrigue.

“They get stunned and furious about what you think about them, then they are just more interested in you,” someone wrote.

“What you think about a lot becomes important, so they think of you as important and it’s a snowball effect,” another added.

The New York Times has also previously reported on the so-called ‘triangle’ method, claiming that it requires up to four minutes of staring to really work.

Other followers questioned the validity of the ‘trick’ and joked about why it wouldn’t work for them.

“I think part of your success in making people fall in love with you is actually how gorgeous you are,” one person shared.

“What if he’s missing his left eye?” a second joked.

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