Food truck owner leaves heartwarming voicemail after months without seeing loyal customer: ‘I’m worried about you’

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A few days ago, Taco Tom’s Lonchera was just a locally beloved food truck.

Now, the restaurant, based in Vancouver, Wash., is getting worldwide fame. And it’s all thanks to a viral voicemail from Thomas, the food truck’s owner.

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A TikToker named Ker (@sidewalkpizza) shared the moment in a video that now has more than 4 million views. The voicemail from Thomas, Taco Tom’s owner, came after she stopped showing up to the food truck for eight months. Before that, Ker was a loyal customer who visited the restaurant regularly.

“Thinking about the time the taco truck man hadn’t seen me in 8 months and called me to see if I was alive still,” Ker captioned her clip.

In the clip, Ker plays her voicemail from Thomas, which he left in 2018.

“This is Thomas, from the taco truck,” Thomas says. “It’s a long time since I’ve seen you, and I’m worried about you. How are you? I hope you’re good. Okay, take care, bye.”

The video immediately went viral, so Ker posted a follow-up clip explaining the situation. As she says in that video, she’d been visiting Taco Tom’s Lonchera “almost every week” for 12 years, prior to her eight-month absence.

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According to Ker, she was having some health problems at the time but returned to Taco Tom’s as soon as she was better. Thomas’ voicemail, meanwhile, appeared to go a long way.

“I agree with all of you,” Ker says in the clip. “Thomas is a literal Angel.”

As The Takeout reported, many TikTokers left comments on Ker’s video asking how they could donate money to Thomas and his business (Ker has since turned off comments on her posts). A few days later, Ker posted a clip of the moment she brought Thomas his donations.

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