TikTok startled to learn how Gatorade is made: 'I needed this knowledge'

A Tiktoker claiming to be a factory employee has captivated followers after allegedly revealing how Gatorade is made.

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German Lopez reportedly racked up almost 4 million views for his video, which he has since deleted along with his TikTok account. In the clip, according to outlets that saw it before it was removed, Lopez filmed himself opening a plastic bottle and pouring out red liquid into a sink. Viewers assumed it was a label-less, fruit punch-flavored Gatorade bottle.

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“Did you know that Gatorade is made at 180 degrees?” Lopez wrote in text overlay on the video.

Commenters were stunned by the idea that Gatorade makes its products at such a high temperature.

“Red dye, boiling hot, in plastic … I needed this knowledge,” someone wrote, according to The Daily Dot.

“No wonder it tastes warm even though it’s been in the fridge for three days,” another person joked, reported Newsweek.

Others seemed confused by how the plastic bottles could handle liquid at that temperature. Lopez apparently responded to one of the comments, explaining: “It’s actually pasteurized temperatures to keep from all toxins and then cooled after.”

Lopez’s point aligns with what Seth Goldman, the co-founder of Honest Tea, wrote about in a piece for Mic in 2009. Many companies package beverages in plastic bottles via a process called “hot filling,” where the product is heated to pasteurize it and then immediately bottled to keep it sterile.

“To pasteurize tea, we have to fill our bottles at 190 degrees. When hot liquid goes into a plastic bottle, the bottle expands — that’s why when you peel off the label of a Gatorade bottle you see expansion panels underneath,” Goldman said.

Goldman added that there are environmental benefits to using lighter plastic bottles for beverages like Gatorade and Honest Tea.

“There are obvious environmental benefits for such a package — such a move could eliminate up to 1 million pounds of PET resin on an annual basis. Another advantage of a lighter bottle is that it takes less fuel to ship [before and after filling],” he said.

An assistant coach helped invent Gatorade at the University of Florida in the early summer of 1965 after he sat down with a team of physicians to figure out how to combat the heat fatigue and heat-related illnesses he was seeing in athletes.

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