TikTok star Levi Jed Murphy reflects on reactions to his ‘dramatic’ plastic surgeries

TikTok star Levi Jed Murphy reflects on reactions to his ‘dramatic’ plastic surgeries

TikTok star Levi Jed Murphy has spoken out about his candid reactions to his “dramatic” plastic surgeries.

Murphy reflected on his experiences with plastic surgery – weeks after sharing that he underwent five procedures in one go – in a recent Q&A video posted to his YouTube on 13 August. During the video, he addressed that his favourite part about getting the surgeries was sharing “content” about his recovery process in the hospital.

“Getting that kind of content is just hilarious to me, I don’t know why,” he said, before explaining how he enjoys documenting his sense of humour while in the midst of recovering.

“It’s kind of funny,” he said. “Because obviously I crack these jokes when I’m, like, half-dying. And then as soon as I put the phone down I think, ‘Oh my god, I might actually die.’”

He emphasised how he enjoys the “content” that he can create after the procedures, saying that his videos “usually slap” afterwards. He also joked about how he views himself in his videos post-surgery, adding: “She’s kind of a quirky queen when she’s going through trauma.”

Murphy, who has more than 5.8m followers on TikTok, continued his video by explaining that his plastic surgeries don’t “always meet his expectations”. He added that “sometimes” after his face had healed from the procedures, he expected the change in his appearance “to be more dramatic”.

He went on to explain why he’s undergone three lip lifts, which is “a surgical procedure that shortens the space between the nose and the top of the lip,” per Healthline. According to the TikTok star, the reason why he did the procedure so many times was because his “expectations” have ultimately changed over time.

“My goals change in what I want,” he said. “So when I first got the lip lift, it was cute, but it was more natural. And then I asked for it to be more lifted again. And me being me, I was like, ‘No I literally want my lips touching my nostrils. I want it dramatic.’”

He added that, when he went to get his most recent plastic surgeries, his surgeon was well aware that Murphy wanted the changes to his face to be “dramatic”.

“When I got this recent surgery, I went in, and I was like, ‘I obviously want my face lifted, I want this done. I want it like really dramatic. I don’t want it naturally,’” he recalled. “And he’s like, ‘Girl, I know by now. I know that you want extreme.’”

On his TikTok, Murphy has continued to share videos about his plastic surgeries, which showcased some of the swelling in his face that he experienced afterwards.

He shared a one-month update to Instagram on 14 August, which featured a before and after photo of his face. In the before photo, he’d only had a “bad lip, cheeks and jaw filler”, while the after photo showed his appearance after getting multiple cosmetic procedures - including two nose jobs, three temporal brow lifts, and a full face lift.

Murphy went on to reflect on his recovery in the caption, writing: “My swelling has basically completely gone and my scars are fading. It’s already a massive improvement compared to my previous scaring.”

He also poked fun at his appearance before getting the cosmetic surgeries. “The last swipe is when I was obsessed with botched fillers, and it’s unbelievably embarrassing to look back at but we live and learn girlie,” he wrote.

The Independent has contacted a representative for Murphy for comment.