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TikTok swears by these SneakERASERS for keeping their shoes bright white: ‘It’s a magic eraser for your sneakers!’

There’s nothing more timeless than a pair of white sneakers. You can wear them from season to season, year to year and with almost anything in your closet. If you’re going to spend a little extra cash on something in your wardrobe, white sneakers are a solid investment. However, the key to wearing your shoes for a long time is keeping them clean. Luckily, shoe cleaning is a big category on TikTok if you need some tips, and the latest shoe-cleaning product people are talking about is SneakERASERS.

SneakERASERS are essentially Magic Erasers but for your shoes. If you haven’t seen them on TikTok, you may have seen them on Shark Tank. Simply wet one with water and gently buff your shoes to clean. They have a soft white sponge on one side and an extra tough orange buffer on the other. Start with the soft white side — it will start to disintegrate as you clean — and end with the orange buffer to remove the rest of the dirt. They do last a while, though, and they’re reusable. Just add more water to reactivate its cleaning powers.

In addition to all the TikTok fans, Amazon shoppers love SneakERASERS, too. More than 3,000 Amazon shoppers give the product a five-star rating.

“Cleans sneakers better than any other product I have used,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “Basically it’s a magic eraser for your sneakers! The price is super reasonable for how many you get as well! Highly recommend.”

I was impressed by these,” wrote another. “I am always using a magic eraser on the soles of my shoes to clean, but they basically crumble and fall apart by the time I’m done with one shoe. I’ve cleaned three pairs of shoes now and it’s still going strong. Took awhile to get them but I’ll assume it’s because they blew up on TikTok and everyone went to buy them.”

All that said, you can get a 10-pack of SneakERASERS for only $12 on Amazon, which, according to reviewers, should last you a while. And not only will they keep your shoes clean, but they’ll help you get more wear out of them.

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