TikTok is obsessed with Chelsey White’s baking skills

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chelsey white baking
chelsey white baking

Everything on Chelsey White’s Instagram looks too good to eat. White is a baking blogger and content creator with more than 2 million followers on both Instagram and TikTok.

White’s 60-second baking videos are mesmerizing and actually make baking elaborately themed cakes look achievable — even for the most amateur of bakers.

“I definitely never saw myself as being a content creator or a baker,” White told In The Know. “[Back in 2016] I was making cakes almost every day and I was kinda like, ‘Why am I not sharing this every place that I can?'”

White considers her TikTok audience to be young and Gen Z-based, which explains why certain videos — like her iconic taco cake clip — go viral.

“I find that a lot of my followers don’t actually bake and they just enjoy watching the process,” White explained, adding that she agrees with them. “I found it really therapeutic.”

That’s why White will occasionally make ASMR-worthy videos of her whipping up buttercream frosting or pouring mirror glaze over a cake.


Resharing this for everyone who’s locked down / quarantined rn



♬ original sound – chelsweets

White initially went to school to be an accountant, but after she started working full-time, she realized it wasn’t something she wanted to do forever. Now, after her videos have skyrocketed in popularity, big companies like the Food Network reached out about creating content.

Eventually, the money White was making from TikTok and sponsorships surpassed her corporate salary.

“I realized that could be its own business model — content creation — and working with the Food Network kind of gave me the opportunity to go in that direction,” White said.

A standout video White still loves to this day is when she filmed herself making her own wedding cake.

“Having that memory forever and getting to see it come together and share it with all of my friends and family at our wedding, was just like, the most magical experience,” she said.


A peek at the first wedding cake I ever made….it took 14 hrs to make



♬ original sound – chelsweets

“With all the content I’m creating, I really just hope it inspires someone out there to start baking as well,” she said.

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