Woman discovers boyfriend's 'double life' after shock loyalty test

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It's become a regular trend on TikTok, seeing women asking others to do ‘honey traps’ on their partners online to catch them cheating.

TikTok user @em_mac11, Emma, uses her account specifically for that purpose and recently shared one discovery that shocked even her.

TikTok emma honey trap
TikToker Emma is known for setting 'honey traps' for potentially cheating boyfriends. Photo: TikTok

In fact, one of her loyalty tests revealed even more than the person asking for help had bargained for.

The man's girlfriend asked her to test him saying that she thought he was acting very secretive with his phone and explaining they only meet up at her place.

So Emma did, asking him: “Hey I saw you on my suggestion you look so cute.”


Though initially his response seemed promising, when he said he was already seeing someone. So she pressed him saying: "I don't believe you."

That's when he sent a photo as proof. Though what it ended up proving was that the person who had asked Emma for help was actually the 'Other woman'.

TikTok loyalty test other woman
Emma was shocked at what her Loyalty Test uncovered. Photo: TikTok

“He is engaged to a girl but seeing the girl that messaged me on the side," Emma explained in the now viral video.

“I am blown away, I am so shocked. Anyway, I sent the fiancée a very nice message and also sent them to the girlfriend."

In a follow up video, Emma explained that she ended up finding the fiancée on social media and updated her on the loyalty test, also sharing the 'other' girlfriend's details with her so they could connect privately.

She also explained the girlfriend had been with him for a year and a half and they had been talking about moving in together, but she had no idea about his "double life".

People were equally shocked in the comments, with one person writing: "I LITERALLY GASPED."

"He really failed the test," another said.

While a third wrote: "The fact he was so loyal and yet disloyal."

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