TikTok girlies are making adorable trinket boxes out of old Altoids tins: ‘Taking this as my sign to make one’

TikTok girlies are recycling old tins for this now-trending DIY.

On Aug. 19, Miki (@embodimentofoctober) took to TikTok to share how she created her “tin beauty kit.”

In the 15-second video, Miki demonstrates how she reuses items she had laying around, like a mirror that she was given with a previous Dior purchase, which she bedazzled with stickers, to decorate the inside of her tin.


Altoids, a brand of mints created by Smith & Company in the 1780s in London, has long been recognized for its distinct, intentional packaging: a small metal tin.

“For decades, Altoids — the ‘Curiously Strong’ mints — have come in a simple tin box, just like dozens of other mints,” the New York Times reported in 2005. “Yet, Altoids tins have a singular place in modern culture, a place that lends itself to infinite utility.”

The tin used to be associated with men rather than women, and was described in the piece as a “gentlemanly accessory,” no less.

“Altoids have always been what we call a ‘curiously strong’ lifestyle accessory,” said Chris Peddy, chief marketing officer for Jägermeister.

“Taking this as my sign to make one,” @winniethepooh.m declared.

“ALTOIDS WALLET SUPREMACY,” @undertehe wrote.

“Where do I even find the tins that aren’t altoids,” @mtgar__21fe asked, to which Miki replied, “I think your best bet is thrift stores, ebay/etsy, or asking older relatives if they kept any old mint/tobacco tins 🙂 vintage looks so much cooler!”

Lia (@head1ntheclouds), who also posted her video to TikTok on Aug. 19, had a similar idea and transformed a Barkleys tin, which also makes tin boxes for its mints and licorice, into a playful wallet, which she decorated with recycled magazine articles and various stickers.

On Aug. 20, Katie (@katiethevampslayer) showed off her Altoids trinket box. She went a step further with her design by decorating the exterior with stained-glass tiles and a gold leaf pen, creating a mosaic look.

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