TikToker goes to extreme lengths to catch boyfriend with another woman

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A woman has shared the extreme lengths she went to in order to prove the man she was dating was seeing other women.

Posting on TikTok, the US woman Halle shared a video in which she revealed: "When he posted a video on a boat and I saw blonde hair."

TikTok halle catching cheater
Halle worked out a man she was dating was in fact seeing someone else. Photo: TikTok

"So I went through all his blonde followers, made a fake insta, got it to 200 followers, requested to follow her, and was able to match up the same boat they were on with a pic she posted two years prior," she explained.

"Women for FBI," she added in the caption.

The clip has gone viral with over 5million views and plenty of people praised her 'detective' work in the comments.


"If we teamed up I believe we could single-handedly destroy the male species," one person wrote.

"That’s dedication," another said, while a third commented: "FBI need to offer you a job!"

TikTok cheating story
She had been considering dating him again when she saw the image with another woman. Photo: TikTok

Some people however thought she had taken things a little too far, particularly after Halle explained that she and the man in question had already broken up once before and she was considering dating him again.

In a subsequent video she shared some more details revealing why she went so far in order to catch him in a lie.

Halle claimed the pair had already been dating when the pandemic hit and everyone was sent home from college. She then ended up getting very sick and was in the hospital, when she claims she received a text message from him breaking up with her.

"So the summer goes by and he asks to meet up and talk things through. And it sounds like me might try things again back at school," Halle said.

"Not even two weeks later this man posts on his story with a blonde girl.

"So for all of you calling me psycho, yes... but justifiably so."

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