Viral TikTok catches man allegedly filming women at the gym: 'Warning to creeps'

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A woman has gone viral on TikTok after exposing a man for secretly recording women at US gym. 

Anneli Edenkrans, who goes by @anneli.k8 on TikTok, shared a video of a man allegedly filming a woman exercising at Crunch Fitness in Oklahoma, and the clip has since earned millions of views.

Anneli Edenkrans viral tiktok man filming women
Anneli Edenkrans has gone viral after exposing a man for recording women at th gym.
Photos: TikTok/Anneli.K8

"Ladies, we need to look out for each other," she captioned the video, adding, "I told the girl and notified staff."

Anneli's post was quickly met with support from other women who have had similar, disappointing experiences at the gym. 

"Thank you for recording and notifying staff," one person commented. "This is not okay."

"I don't like going to the gym by myself for this exact reason," another said. "If there was an all-girls gym, I would be there all the time."


Despite the support, there were several viewers who criticised Anneli for choosing to record the man, with some people arguing that she was also violating his privacy. But plenty of other viewers quickly jumped to her defence.  

"People in the comments saying she's doing the same — what?" one person wrote defending Anneli. "She's recording his phone for evidence. He's recording someone's body. It's different."

woman at the gym
She received plenty of support from other gym-goers. Photo: Getty

After her video went viral on TikTok, Anneli shared follow-up videos addressing the controversy and revealing further details about the alleged incident. 

"Let me break this down for you guys because apparently, you need it," she said in an additional video. "I'm doing my workout — just doing my set or whatever — and I see this man in front of me. I can only see his backside, so I see his phone in my line of sight."

Anneli said after watching the man seemingly film the fellow gym-goer, she decided to let the woman know that she was being recorded. 

"She is freaked out. She doesn't know who this man was. She grabs her stuff and leaves," Anneli added, before revealing that not long after, she allegedly saw him recording another woman without her consent, reported the man to gym staff, and had him removed. 

"We need to look out for each other," Anneli said in a separate video. "We should not have guys, girls, whatever — we should not have our bodies on someone else's phone without our permission."

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In her most recent update, Anneli revealed that a staff member from the gym contacted her and notified her that the man had been permanently banned from the gym. 

"Hopefully this can can serve as a warning to other creeps who think this behaviour is ok," one woman wrote. 

"You should ask them to send emails to other gyms in the area notifying them of this guy so that if he tries to go somewhere else they won't accept him," another said. 

"Thank you for taking care of not only the woman he filmed but also the future women he could have filmed at the gym," a viewer wrote. "You're an angel."

Reporting by Ellie Spina.

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