TikToker shocked at date's accidental text: 'Dodged a bullet'

A TikToker has taken to the app to expose a nightmare text exchange she shared with a man she was meant to be going on a date with the next day.

Meag, who goes by uhmeagzing on the app, screenshotted the messages, which show that the man sent her a message that he'd intended for his friends, with viewers joking that he should be "arrested" for his faux pas.

A TikToker shares screenshot of text exchange
A TikToker has been left shocked after her date accidentally sent her a text message intended for his friends. Photo: TikTok/uhmeagzing

In the screenshot, Meag and Danny are setting up a date with Meag writing, "Let's meet there this time. Is that okay?"

"Absolutely," he responded. "Totally understand. I gotta prove that I'm not going to murder you I guess 🤪."

Things did not improve when he then followed up with a message intended for his friends.


Danny screenshot Meag's dating profile and sent it along with a message that read, "My date tmrw 😂 and do not laugh. She's nice and got jokes but defiantly blah (sic)."

Commenters were left shocked by the message with one user writing, "Okay but I wanna know if he tried to recover from that. The audacity."

Meag explained that he didn't, saying, "I texted him the next day 'yeah I’m gonna pass' and he left me on read. Never said a thing."

The video, which has been viewed over 11.5 million times, was inundated with comments.

"The murder joke doesn’t sit right 🤪," one wrote, with Meag agreeing, writing, "He’s just in a silly goofy homicidal mood 🤪."

"You’re literally beautiful??" another added.

"You 'defiantly' dodged a bullet. I would have said, 'Welp I’m defiantly passing on tomorrow,'" a third joked.

"What the heck you look beautiful there?? Genuinely confused? This got me feeling hecka insecure," a fourth said.

"He has a lot of nerve for a man who can’t spell 'definitely'," another joked.

"WHATT YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT BLAH?!?!" another user wrote. "I sincerely do not understand. You’re gorgeous!"

"Why do men think it's a joke that women are concerned for their safety," someone else pointed out.

"The universe was there for you sis," one person added.

However, it looks like things have worked out for Meag, with the TikToker having shared videos of herself with a boyfriend.

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