Honey trap catches cheating boyfriend in minutes

Kristine Tarbert
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A woman has revealed how she asked her best friend for help to set a honey trap for her cheating boyfriend.

Lottie Passco explained on TikTok that her friend had used a fake Instagram account to contact her boyfriend, and, confirming her suspicions, he replied immediately.

Lottie Passco tik tok honey trap
Lottie Passco dumped her boyfriend after setting a honey trap. Photo: TikTok

“So my best friend Meg messaged him on a private Instagram pretending to be another girl,” she explains in the clip.

“Within an hour of talking to this ‘girl’ he had made a fake Snapchat account so they could talk without me knowing and was sending a lot of inappropriate things.”

Apparently he never mentioned having a girlfriend, saying the only thing stopping them getting together was the “fact he lived far away”.


“I left him instantly and dropped his stuff around at his house, and he burst into tears and all of this and then I found out that he had a Tinder account the whole of our relationship, which was over a year.

“I’ve found someone new and I’m so happy.”

tiktok cheating boyfriend
Her boyfriend never mentioned he had a partner. Photo: TikTok

In a second video, Lottie explained why she had been suspicious in the first place and enlisted her friend’s help.

“The whole reason why we did this is because my boyfriend previously cheated on me and had a Tinder account for like a month or two over my birthday and everything,” she said.

Lottie got plenty of support from people that left comments on the videos.

“Glad that you got out and that you are better,” one person said.

“I’m sorry this happened, some men are dogs,” another commented.

Why do people cheat?

Psychotherapist, Julie Sweet, previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that people can cheat for a numerous of reasons, ranging from not loving their partner anymore to seeking out something different to what they’ve grown accustomed to, not feeling seen, impulsivity, lacking and low self esteem and self worth, misdirected anger and sexual incompatibility.

“Humans have a truth bias, particularly when we are in a loving relationship,” human behaviour expert Elly Johnson told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“That bias serves us well in general, but can leave us vulnerable to dishonesty and deception.

“We need to believe most of what people in the community are telling us to function socially and we certainly believe we should be able to trust our partner. Sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of our eyes.”

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