TikTok's 'mind-blowing' beauty hack causing waves online

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A TikTok video is prompting viewers to dive into their makeup bags - and it has nothing to do with recreating a beauty look.

Makeup artist Ayrshire Face Paints has been blowing minds by sharing a little known secret about some eyeliners, lip liners and brow pencils.

In the video, she shows that if she turns her pencils around, she can pop off the ends to reveal a hidden, built-in pencil sharpener.

Yes, it’s game-changing, we know.

Of course not every brand does this, and she uses P.Louise and Federico Mahora products that are only available in the UK.

Meanwhile in Australia, Yahoo Lifestyle has found hidden built in sharpeners in lip liners from Burberry Beauty and Becca Cosmetics, and inside eyeliners and lip pencils from both Sephora Collection and Smashbox.

screenshots of makeup artist showing built in sharpeners in eyeliner and lip liner in tiktok video
Was your mind blown by this video? Photo: TikTok/Ayrshire Face Paints

Unsurprisingly, many of the comments under the video were along the lines of this one: “OMG are you serious? I’m off to my makeup bag”.

But others were shocked that so many people hadn’t discovered this nifty feature yet, with one person saying, “You mean it’s not common knowledge?” and another writing, “I’m the only person who knew this?”

We hope you (like us) fall into the first camp and are saved the trouble of ever having to dig around for a pencil sharpener again!

Burberry Beauty  lip pencil with built-in sharpener
This lip pencil from Burberry Beauty comes with a built-in sharpener. Photo: Sephora
Sephora Collection eyeliner with built in sharpener
If your eyeliner doesn't have a hidden sharpener, you can pick up this one from Sephora Collection that does. Photo: Sephora

TikTok mascara hack

Meanwhile elsewhere on TikTok, a rather odd-looking mascara hack has gone viral.

In a video that's clocked up close to 900,000 views, TikTok user Taylor Tripler says, "Ok you guys are all doing your mascara the wrong way.”

"I learned this I think when I was in high school and I've been doing it ever since and everyone always asks me if I have fake eyelashes on.”

She grabs her Fenty Beauty Lift and Curl Mascara and scoops lots of product onto the wand before using the tip of it to coat her lashes in mascara.

Taylor then brushes it through the regular way, and the result - at least on her - is quite impressive. Check it out in the video above.

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