TikTok challenge gender reveal causes outrage: 'Ludicrous'

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A gender reveal has caused outrage online after it ended with the future father falling from a stack of crates.

The video, which has been uploaded to a number of social media pages, shows a man partaking in TikTok’s latest ‘Milk Crate Challenge’.

Gender reveal TikTok milk crate challenge
The video shows the man climbing on a stack of crates before falling off and hurting his back. Photo: Twitter

The challenge sees participants stacking milk crates and trying to climb them like stairs. Obviously, this ends in disaster for many, with most people falling off dramatically.

According to CNet, it’s been banned by TikTok, no doubt after the social media giant discovered how dangerous it is.


However, one couple decided to try the challenge for their gender reveal, with the man stepping onto the milk crates holding a plate and a parcel holding either pink or blue powder.

In the footage, he can be seen getting into trouble as soon as he hits the fourth crate, before the whole structure collapses as he steps onto the fifth crate and he comes tumbling down.

Blue powder flies into the air while the guests at the party run around and scream in delight.

However, the camera cuts to the mother-to-be who is at her partner’s side. He’s holding his back in apparent pain as the party continues on behind him.

The video has caused outrage online, with people slamming the bizarre trend.

"This new fad is absolutely ludicrous," one person commented.

"All I can think about is what it's like to be super pregnant and have your partner be f****g useless bc he's in multiple casts, just got back surgery, etc." one person commented.

"I love how the reveal mechanism is designed on the presumption that this will end badly," another wrote.

"Hospitals are overwhelmed right now. They don’t need idiots climbing on unstable stacks of milk crates for social media validation clogging up their stretched resources," a person commented.

Others agreed, with one person writing: "Dude has a broken back ... but it's a boy! I am sure glad these geniuses are raising kids."

Meanwhile one person simply wrote: "She's having a boy! He's having a herniated disc!"

Gender reveals has been an issue of contention for years now, with one of the worst being a Californian couple's reveal, which allegedly sparked the deadly Ed Dorado wildfires in 2020.

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