Tibi Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Pragmatic, Personal Wardrobing

Amy Smilovic has a knack for creating pragmatic clothes with thoughtful, functional details. At the fall Tibi presentation within the brand’s SoHo store, she described her latest collection as clothing that continues to offer customer’s versatility with built-in styling.

“I want people to feel like they made it their own; they found a way to have it say something without screaming. It’s got all of our signature ease and modernity and a lot of sporting details that have always been there in the past. It’s such a part of our ethos, so we’re just diving into that more and more because it’s not a trend for us, it’s just how we live our lives,” she said. Tibi stands for being confident and not overly self-conscious, which is exactly how Smilovic wants to feel in her intuitive designs.

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Enter model Kristen McMenamy — whom Smilovic said was exactly that, so she tapped her to capture the collection’s look and spirit across a series of black-and-white photographs, taken by Lara Angelil, that lined the store’s walls with clever, handwritten personal captions.

“Kristen in her own world, we don’t exist — in dress with snails,” one read. “Kristen is experimenting — in short bubble skirt” (and crossover blazer), and “Kristen hearing new song — in two sweaters,” (with circular neck-holes irregularly placed on its side and hem), etc.,etc.

Even the Tibi fashions on clothing racks — cropped jackets; pants that could be cinched up or let down with double waistbands; sculptural sleeved tops and waisted trousers, and sportif-accented layers like a hooded overcoat — were hung on handmade ceramic hangers by artist Kara Janx next to footwear with great, quirky details (including new “hyper-functional” clear rain boots).

In addition, Japanese denim continues to be a big program for the brand, this season in a longer, leaner silhouette — but it’s “not a skinny pant by any stretch,” Smilovic pointed out.

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Launch Gallery: Tibi Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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