Thunder reveal new uniforms, one of which is dedicated to the Oklahoma City bombing

Jack Baer
The Thunder will have a new look next season. (Getty Images)

In addition to the trade of Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder marked a new era in the team’s history by announcing the team will be wearing new uniforms for the 2019-20 season.

Curiously, one of the uniforms is dedicated to the deadliest bombing in American history.

Thunder unveil new uniforms

The Thunder’s new standard home and road uniforms are pretty similar to the team’s past looks with some minor tweaks. The third uniform, the Statement Edition, goes full orange with a staggered “OKC” logo and what the Thunder describe as “gradient tonal sound waves” going down the back.

Beyond those three, the team’s City Edition, is what really stands out.

The black uniform was reportedly inspired by the Thunder’s partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, the city’s monument to the 1995 truck bombing outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City that killed 168 people. The uniform is dotted with symbols of the memorial and bombing.

The Gates of Time, a distinct part of the OKC memorial, are featured on the sides of the uniforms, as well as 9:01 and 9:03, the minutes directly before and after the bombing. White parts of the shorts represent the memorial’s reflecting pool and “Service,” “Honor” and “Kindness,” parts of the Oklahoma Standard, appear above the jersey’s tag.

The Survivor Tree, which famously survived the bombing despite sitting across the street from the Murrah Building, can be seen on the uniform’s belt, while a blue ribbon with “We Remember Those Who Were Changed Forever, April 19, 1995” can be found inside the jersey.

“April 19th, 1995 changed our city forever. The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum serves our community by helping us remember those lost, yet also tells a story of a city that comes together with compassion,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti said in a statement. “ Any progress we can make to help preserve and ultimately further articulate the simple acts of service, honor and kindness that have helped contribute to Oklahoma's community identity is a pivotal aspect to the broader civic impact we envision.”

The Thunder also announced it would underwrite a new permanent exhibit in the memorial highlighting the Oklahoma Standard, and fund free admission to the museum once a month in 2020.

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