Those Cute Kids Gatecrashing Live TV Aren't News To Parents. That's Our Life

Victoria Richards
·2-min read

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We all remember the classic BBC interview, fabulously gatecrashed by two kids during a segment discussing the South Korean president’s impeachment.

Thanks to the pandemic – and with many people working from home for the foreseeable future – we’ve seen even more moments of eye-watering family carnage played out in real-time. Within a few hours of each other, two live TV interviews were upstaged this week by young children wandering in as their parents were giving their expertise to Sky News and BBC News respectively.


Deborah Haynes, Sky News foreign affairs editor, was interrupted by her son (who wanted two – yes, that’s TWO – biscuits), while Dr Clare Wenham from the London School of Economics was waylaid by her daughter Scarlett, who wanted to know where she should place a framed picture... of a unicorn.

Aside from the bafflingly different responses of the male news presenters to these moments – one of them actively engaging with the unicorn dilemma, the other moving on from Biscuitgate as quickly as he possibly could – these “absolute scenes’ will be news to no working parent anywhere.

One mum on Twitter thanked Wenham and Haynes for showing what life’s really like for working parents at the moment. “As the increasingly frazzled working mum of a toddler who has become somewhat famous on video calls, I needed to see this today,” she wrote. “Carry on, everyone.”

Meanwhile, BBC 6Music breakfast host Lauren Laverne tweeted Wenham and her daughter to say: “Best bulletin in ages! Well done both of you!”


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