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WHO Special: The Body Issue - On Sale Now!

Eight celebrities of varying sizes and ages open up to WHO about body image, what they like and dislike about their shape and, for some, how they have overcome their body battles.

Model Lara Bingle: After standing up to body bullies and shedding five kilos, the swimwear model turned reality-TV star is fitter and more confident than ever. "My look is more voluptuous than really thin, and I like having boobs and a bum," says Bingle, 24.

Actress Ada Nicodemou: Now in the third trimester of her pregnancy, the Home and Away star is embracing her body's changing shape and loving her new curves. Says the expectant actress, 35: "I'm really enjoying everything that's happening to my body. There's something liberating about getting bigger and just letting it all hang out."

Olympian Stephanie Rice: Learning to respect her body and put nutrition first has had a positive effect on the swimmer, both in and out of the pool. Having put her high school days of crash dieting behind her, Rice believes the secret to achieving a great body is a positive mind. "I treat my body like a machine, and I fuel it correctly to get the best results," says the athlete, 23.

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Singer Prinnie Stevens: Despite wishing she had a butt to rival singer Nicki Minaj, The Voice contestant and mother of one reveals how she nurtures body confidence—and how she will use it to help her win the hit series. "I get on the treadmill and visualise myself winning!" the Tongan performer, 31, tells WHO. "I'm a bit older now, and I'm more comfortable in my skin, my voice and all aspects of my life."

Actress Melissa Bergland: While the Winners and Losers star feels pressure to slim down, she is learning to silence self-criticism through positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. "I've got a fabulous job because of how I look, not despite it," says the size-16 actress, 26. "Everyone gets a bit bullied when you're overweight, but people equate it with being unhealthy, which is not right. I know I'm plus-size. Sometimes I hear myself described as 'the fat redhead' and I think, 'Well, tell me something I don't know'."

TV presenter Natalie Barr: Regular exercise and a new, sugar-free diet means the Sunrise presenter and mum of two is feeling healthier and leaner than ever. "I realised over the past few years I would reach for sugar," says Barr, 44.

Boxer Lauryn Eagle: Overcoming an eating disorder and taking up professional boxing taught the former model to appreciate her form. "When my dad passed away, I used food as my coping mechanism and would binge-eat huge amounts," says Eagle, 24, who has shed 15 kilos since she began boxing.

TV personality Charlotte Dawson: Fitness is the key to emotional and mental wellbeing for the Australia's Next Top Model judge, who admits she has felt pressure to slim down for her job. "The shame and guilt you're made to feel for putting on weight on camera as a woman .... the vitriol is quite intense," reveals Dawson, 46.

WHO polled readers about their bodies and found that while most of us diet and don't like our soft bellies, we'd still prefer to be curvy than too thin.
- While 53% of women surveyed are not content with their bodies, 37% of all respondents are happy with their shape.
- Abs should be fab, with 50% of the women surveyed saying they want a flatter stomach.
- Rihanna's sleek shape is the most desired celebrity body, with 39% of readers saying the singer has the ideal body shape. Yet Kim Kardashian's bootylicious body blitzed LeAnn Rimes' skinny frame, with 30% saying they prefer a curvy shape to a skinny one.
- A staggering 80% of women felt pressure to lose weight, and 13% of all respondents said their mothers pressured them the most.
- On average, women believe they need to lose 9kg to look and feel their best.

After a desperate plea for clemency, former Gold Coast beauty student Schapelle Corby has five years slashed from her 20-year sentence. If parole is granted, Corby could be back on the Gold Coast as soon as August, but her excited family are trying to maintain a level outlook.

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