This insane optical illusion could affect your vision

Kristine Tarbert

A mind bending optical illusion has gone viral and experts say it’s so intense it could actually affect your vision.

This illusion is made up of a series of seemingly innocent grids; some in colour, and some black and white.

It's definitely more than just puzzling, and if you stare at the collection of vertical and horizontal lines for too long, scientists warn you could be left with altered vision for months.

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To test the illusion, a person is supposed to stare at the coloured grids equally for about three minutes. Then you move across to look at the black and white ones.

What you'll find is that instead of appearing black and white, the vertical lines start to come across as slightly pink.

Game enough to give it a go?

Star at this coloured grid for three minutes. Photo: Fredifortakeoff/Wikimedia

The visual phenomenon which occurs is called the McCollough effect – and it's basically where your eyes will be tricked into thinking the black and white grids are coloured.

When researchers tested the illusion, a few people ended up seeing things that were black and white as coloured for up to three months.

This is something known as contingent aftereffect, and there are different theories as to why it happens.

Now star at the black and white grids. Photo: Android Mouse/Wikimedia

One is that your brain is trying to colour correct the world after staring at a black and white image but goes a little overboard.

Another is that the lack of colour leads to your brain having some kind of withdrawal symptoms and it decides to change things to green or red.

Now if you tried it and you’re terrified the effects will last, there is a way to reverse it.

Just stare at the original coloured images again, rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise.

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