This App Makes An Informed Decision About Whether Your Should Dump Your Boyfie

Danica Baker
Photo: Getty Images

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that technology has made life a whole lot easier for us (and us a whole lot lazier). But now, in a morally questionable move, it’s also taken the thought out of the dumping process too. Yup, why spend your time debating over whether you should break up with booboo when you can just ask an app?

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The world first app called Stay Go actually combines social feedback with scientific methods to evaluate your relationship and make an informed decision whether you should stay together with your SO.

Uh… Sorry, say what? Did we just fast forward to the 2062 where we’re all attending Orbit High with Judy Jetson?

Nope, this is for reals. After signing up you’ll be invited to take part in a longwinded survey which will rate your relationship out of 100. But, because the scientist over at Stay Go take the future of your union very seriously, they don’t want a bias decision, so your friends and family are invited to comment on your relationship as well as vote on whether or not the two of you will end up together. *Backs away slowly*

But what happens if your partner doesn’t have social media, you ask? Well – too bad - you’re on your own then. But, keep in mind – if you’re considering asking an app about the future of your relationship then chances are, it’s pretty grim.

This is all a bit much for us *goes back to pros and cons list*.