I'm Absolutely Dying Laughing At These 33 Times Old People Were Completely And Totally Inappropriate On The Internet

I'm Absolutely Dying Laughing At These 33 Times Old People Were Completely And Totally Inappropriate On The Internet

1.When grandma had the best idea for a party ever:

A Facebook post reads: "I am having a party and each one of you have to bring something starting with the first letter of your name: Go." One comment below reads: "Glaucoma."

2.When Jeanette went on the record:

Jeanette's review: "Dry. Meat too salty." The store responds, "Hi Jeanette, this is a record store."

3.When Lorette tried to get some chairs:

Profile of Lorette Grace with Facebook message exchange: "Id like to buy your chairs if you still have them?" Response: "I don’t have any chair for sale and never did. Sorry."

4.When grandpa listed his prized car:

Text description of sandwich with deer-shaped cutouts of meat, listing a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with 117K miles for $1,000, and option to message the seller

5.When Vivian shared the good news:

Mariah Carey in a military-style outfit performs with dancers dressed as toy soldiers. A comment below reads: "Hi mariah I'm getting a wheelchair."

6.When grandma just tried to watch her stories:

Netflix profile selection screen with four profiles: Craigh, Louise, Jean i was watching the Crown, and Children

7.When grandpa lent a helping hand:

A Facebook post says, "I can't log out of Facebook and don't know why." A reply suggests "Coconut oil."

8.When grandma made very clear how she feels about your cooking:


9.When Stacey gave the most positive message she could:

The image shows a Facebook post with a jar and text: "Add a positive word to this jar that starts with the 1st letter of your name." Stacey replies: "Soup"

10.When grandpa made his boundaries clear:

Facebook Marketplace chat. Buyer inquires about a listing, gets a response, but unexpectedly asks to stop contacting them, threatening legal action if messages continue

11.When grandpa wanted one thing and one thing only:

Facebook conversation: Person 1 asks if it gets channel 16. Person 2 explains it is an Apple TV box for streaming apps. Person 1 replies they don't want it

12.When John recognized his favorite celebrity:

The image shows a comment thread where John says, "DONT EVEN KNOW WHO ANY OF THEM IS" and "CEPT FOR ICED CUBICLE."

13.When Vincent told it like it is:

Text image with a riddle: "I have 6 eggs. I broke 2. I fried 2. I ate 2. How many were left? 99% will fail." Comment by Vincent: "I like scrambled egg."

14.When Donna told it like it is:

A review stating the food and service at a hamburger place were bad and plans to tell others, with a response from the Goodwill Thrift Store stating they don't sell hamburgers

15.When grandpa shared some important info:

Text reads: "Normal people are sleeping now! A great big Hi to the weirdo awake and reading this." Comment: "I have chronic insomnia."

16.When grandma recounted a sickly tale:

Summary of text in image: A person commented their husband got chlamydia from raw chicken, expressing distress. Another comment suggests "chlamydia" was meant to be "salmonella."

17.When Jason and Arlette laid down the law:

Local Guide: "Turkey cheese is always a fun spot for the kids." Jason: "Strange mouse." Arlette: "I love coming to Chunky e cheese."

18.When grandpa just wanted to contact Marcus:

A Facebook post where two people share statuses about calling Marcus, one mentioning an accident and the other about unpaid lunch money

19.When grandpa just wanted to upload a dang pic:

Poll results about uploading a picture: 57% for "How do you upload picture," 42% for "Trying to sell dining room set." Total votes: 7. Dated Nov 5, 2022, at 11:00 PM

20.When grandma left a tough but fair reivew:

A review says the steak was dry and tasted like pork. The owner responds, noting they are a dog groomer and requesting removal of the review

21.When grandma had a very important question:

Frozen corn kernel snacks, a photo of a muffin tray filled with corn and water. Text above gives DIY tips for helping chickens stay cool. Comment asks if it works on cats

22.When Donna told tales of yore:

Donna comments on Subway Australia's Facebook about the lack of sweet chili sauce. Subway Australia responds back, and Donna declines to try new choices

23.When Patricia responded to Joyce's score:

Facebook post of a Wordle score (4/6) by Joy, and a comment by Patrick with a picture of a tabby cat on a porch, saying, "this is a good picture of my cat whiskers who is missing."

24.When grandma made it crystal clear what she was looking for:


25.When Kenny did exactly what was asked:

person asking for numbers and someone named kenny just sends their name

26.When grandma shot her shot:


27.When grandpa made his design preferences clear:

Instagram: @oldpeopleweb

28.When grandpa sought out the Todd:


29.When Amanda made her position abundantly clear:

Facebook post by Jessica: "Hello I was wondering if anyone has any spare wireless earbuds they no longer use or need." Comment from Amanda: "NO."

30.When this person made this sad fact known:

person commenting on a chocolate bar adds that because of the almonds they caant eat it

31.When grandpa took zero crap:

person responding angrily to a normal question on amazon

32.When grandpa didn't tiptoe around the issue:

someone asking to be removed from a group and getting directions how to and then they say don't waste my time

33.When grandpa, well, was honest:

Screenshot of a Facebook post with the text, "How old will you be by 2060," and a user comment saying, "Dead."

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