These Clever Videos Collate Every Time A Person Of Colour Spoke In Major Films

Erin Cook
marie claire

Image: The Holiday

Looking for proof that there’s a diversity problem in Hollywood?

These videos compile every time a person of colour spoke in major films including The Holiday, It’s Complicated and The Intern. The result? Short clips that last for less than a minute.

Take The Intern for example. Sit down to watch the entire film and you’ll be looking at a 2 hours of viewing. You need to get comfortable if you’re going to commit to that amount of time.

Image: The Intern

However, if you only include lines spoken by a person of colour, you’ll only need 27 seconds.

The videos are part of Every Single Word – a project masterminded by actor and writer Dylan Marron. Over the last year, Marron has been analysing major Hollywood films and found that most black characters did not affect the plot and were either in the service industry or a love interest.

If you ask us, this is the glaringly obvious evidence that there’s a diversity problem in Hollywood – all wrapped up into a series of brief videos.