There's something very unusual about this blogger's photo – can you see it?

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Sometimes social media stars are called out by their followers for subtly editing their photos.

But this time around, beauty YouTube star Lauren Curtis kept it real with her followers about editing one particular photo.

To the naked eye, the sweet snap Lauren posted of her and her boyfriend looks totally normal, but there is something unusual about it – can you see it?

The 25-year-old actually edited two separate photos of herself and her boyfriend, Reece, together as they looked “bad” in the unedited versions.

“When he looks good in the pic you look bad in and you look good in the pic he looks bad in,” she captioned the photo.

Upon a closer look, you can see the wallpaper in the background does not align, and their drinks don’t exactly look like they are cheers-ing, it’s more like they are glued together.

Just last week Lauren, again, kept things transparent with her followers showing how angles in photos can be deceiving.

She showed the difference between a “posed” photo and a “slouched” photo, but insisted “there is absolutely nothing wrong with either side”.

“My body is strong and healthy and that’s all that matters,” she said in the caption of the photo. “I’m not saying there’s a big difference between these photos, I didn’t want to force my stomach out or stand in such a way that made my legs look completely different to how they would normally.

“I wanted it to be a realistic comparison because this change in my stance, regardless of how noticeable it is to you guys, actually played tricks on my own self esteem recently.” 

That’s what we love to see on social media, keeping it real and honest.

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