Theo James shares the, erm, “crappy” memento a date once left him

Theo James shares the, erm, “crappy” memento a date once left him

The "Gentleman" star plays 2 Truths and a Lie with Entertainment Weekly.

The Gentlemen star Theo James has a s--ty date story that is a tad more literal than most...

During a recent Emmys FYC panel series moderated by Entertainment Weekly, the actor — who currently stars in Guy Ritchie's Netflix series adaptation of the director's 2020 film— shared a jaw-dropping story while playing a game of 2 Truths and a Lie with costar Daniel Ings.

"[While at] university, I went on a date that I thought went pretty well," James recounted. "We had some fun, and we were young and dumb and full of fun. And in the morning she had left, and there was a present for me in the bath. And it was a small turd."

We've spoiled that this story is, in fact, a truth. But here are the other bits of trivia James offered as part of the game: 1) "I am related to Brian Cox. My mother is Scottish. They're from the Isle of Sky, but actually, the last three generations grew up in Glasgow. And in a very distant way, Brian and her — and me — are related." 2) "I'm a quarter Greek."

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<p>Dia Dipasupil/Getty</p> Theo James

Dia Dipasupil/Getty

Theo James

Ings instantly guesses (correctly) that the lie is Brian Cox... though he has some follow-up questions (surprisingly not about the date).

"Which Brian Cox, the astronomer or the actor?" Ings asks. James confirms he meant the actor, to which Ings replies, "See, if you'd gone astronomer, I would've bought it."

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While the 30-minute panel was full of fun (and booze, given it was a 3 Rounds interview), there was also plenty of discussion about The Gentlemen and the impressive amount of improvisation that went into creating the series. Watch the full panel above and the full season of The Gentlemen on Netflix. [Note if you do watch the entire video: Ings was a little muddled on the rules and actually gave two lies and a truth, but we didn't realize that until after we got off stage... probably because of the drinks.]

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