The X Factor's Brothers 3: Three Things You Didn't Know

Cynthia Wang | WHO Magazine
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3 Brothers, as shot for WHO Magazine. Photo: WHO

Dannii Minogue's last group standing on this season of The X Factor, the Brothers 3, keep moving on, even when the judges haven't been as keen (we see you, Redfoo!).

So, what makes the Fahey-Leighs -- Shardyn, 18, Tayzin, 17, and Makirum, 16 -- such a fan fave?

1. They have no shame when it comes to sweets.
When Shardyn was on tour with Hugh Jackman in The Boy From Oz in 2006, his younger brothers had no problem mooching off the star. "We really didn't know who Hugh Jackman was," Mak says, "so we had dinner with him. I didn't know he was famous and because he was holding a banana, I just wanted some of it, so I asked him." Tayzin admits, "I had half of his dinner because that's what I do, I scab off of people." Now, they gladly and appreciately accept chocolate from fans. "They come to the X Factor show and I think they found out we love Ferrero Rocher," Mak says.

2. They would rule at karaoke.
Yes, the Brothers 3 are known for writing country songs and putting a good spin on a pop tune, but the boys draw from a big library of music. At our photo shoot on their farm near Mudgee, they sang and played snippets from Steve Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," Adele's "Rolling In the Deep," the Bangles's "Burning Flame," and Imagine Dragons's "Demons."

3. At least one can cook. While all the guys are single, Shardyn can prepare a meal. "I make a very nice spaghetti Bolognese," he says. "The secret to mine is you add bacon. It's amazing!"

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