Albino contestant blows The Voice judges away

Penny Burfitt
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Voli K's blind audition has placed the soul man front and centre. Photo: Nine

The Voice’s latest fan favourite has turned heads his whole life, but on Monday night he turned three of four chairs just with his voice, performing a soulful rendition of Sam Smith’s I’m Not the Only One.

The incredible voice belongs to Voli K, a Fijian-born soul man who has weathered his fair share of adversity on his way to the spotlight.

Voli is an albino Fijian, with a rare condition that leaves him with light eyes, pale skin and ginger hair.

His looks have attracted attention for as long as he can remember, but not all of it was the good kind.

The singer and his family moved to Australia when Voli was just four years old, hoping to give Voli a better chance of growing up without the discriminatory stares that followed him in their home country.

It turned out however that Voli was just as singled out in his new home, and the stares and comments became a part of his everyday even in a brand new country.

"The greatest thing I've learned is that ignorance is everywhere," Voli told Nine Honey. "Even today I still cop it – people say I sound like a black guy in a white man's body."

Now the inspirational performer is using that very sound to bring his face to Australian screens, hoping that by doing so he will inspire others who have faced similar setbacks because of the way they look.

Voli K's audition turned three of the four chairs on The Voice. Photo: Nine

"The importance of being on the show for me was to showcase my gift with music, but also to introduce myself to the world as an albino Fijian," he said.

Voli admitted that he wanted to be the person he never got to see on the television screen growing up.

“That person would have demonstrated everything that I could do, would have proved that there were no limits for people like me."

The singer seems firmly set on his path to fame already. His audition has been watched by over 50k people online, and his Instagram posts are racking up thousands of likes.

Now a member of team Boy George, and with his star firmly on the rise, it looks like this isn’t the last we’ll see of Voli K.

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