The Voice Generations viewers divided over 5-year-old singer: 'Crying'

The Voice Generations officially kicked off on Monday night with contestants from the ages of 3 to 72 hoping to turn a chair from one of the four superstar coaches.

Episode one of the new spin-off show, which is a week-long world-first event, saw mother and son duo Christine and Harry hitting the stage to perform a heartwarming rendition of Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time.

The Voice Generations' Harry and Christine performing.
The Voice Generations premiere saw mother and son duo Christine and Harry take to the stage. Photo: Channel Seven

While 5-year-old Harry’s sweet stage presence and dapper appearance in a suit and bowtie received applause and plenty of ‘aw’s from the audience, he didn’t manage to join a coach’s team.

“Oh my heart,” Guy Sebastian said at the end of the performance when he finally saw the young boy standing on the stage.

“I’m actually crying,” Rita Ora added. “This is so cute!”


Answering some questions from the panel, Harry admitted that he didn’t like wearing his bowtie and revealed that his favourite coach was Keith Urban.

“I love you mate. Thank you so much. You’re awesome,” the country musician said when running up on stage to hug the 5-year-old.

“You’re a really good singer so I think if you can start getting some lessons and get that natural gift you’ve got, you’ll be off and running and we’ll be seeing you on The Voice proper!” he continued.

The Voice Generations' Rita Ora.
Despite the crowd’s encouragement, the coaches didn’t end up turning a chair for the duo. Photo: Channel Seven

The most heartwarming moment came when Harry voiced his desire to spin around in the coaches’ famous red chairs.

“When I’m bigger enough I’m going to come on The Voice and turn around in the chair,” he slowly said into the microphone.

Keith then encouraged Harry to live out his dream and sit on his seat, press the button and turn around for his mum.

'I cannot stop crying'

Although he won’t be continuing in the competition, viewers quickly took to social media to applaud Harry.

“If that wasn’t the cutest and sweetest thing on TV this year, I’ll be very surprised,” one person tweeted, followed by another who shared, “I cannot stop crying, just beautiful”.

"Give that kid a job hosting a kids TV show!” someone else suggested, while a fourth called him “a young Michael Bublé”.

The Voice Generations' Harry sitting on Keith's red chair.
Fans online praised Harry’s performance and his stage presence. Photo: Channel Seven

Others were divided over whether or not Christine and Harry’s performance deserved a chair turn from the coaches.

“If you vote on cuteness he would get a chair turn but not with the singing,” a fan wrote, with a different user commenting, “Don’t know how they didn’t turn a chair”.

“Too cute! Not sure about the song choice!” another added.

Meanwhile, several viewers commended the way Keith spoke to Harry and allowed him to sit on the chair.

“Love the talented and truly compassionate Keith Urban,” one said, followed by someone else who replied, “Keith must be a great father, he has such a way with kids!”.

“Adorable! That kid will never forget this very moment. No one might have turned around but they just gave this kid a memory to look back into,” a third commented.

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