The Simpsons predicted Game of Thrones' plot twist

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WARNING: The following article contains SPOILERS for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5.

If you haven’t seen it I don’t know why you opened this, but leave now or forever hold your peace.

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The unbelievable prediction has left fans shook. Photo: HBO

So it’s been established the road to the Mad Queen was paved with hints and clues, but it looks like the biggest clue came not from the series but from The Simpsons.

Yep, the US animation, which has an uncanny knack of predicting the future has done it again.

In a Game of Thrones parody episode that aired almost 2 years ago in 2017, the Simpson family watch as a dragon burns Springfield and its inhabitants.

Sound familiar? Of course it does! It’s exactly what happened in the latest episode of Game of Thrones when Dany snapped and went full Mad Queen, destroying King’s Landing and roasting its inhabitants alive.

Prediction. Photo: Fox
Reality. Photo: HBO

The resemblance between The Simpsons parody and the real thing is almost painfully uncanny.

Fans are predictably gobsmacked and have taken to Twitter to share their disbelief at the animation’s insane ability to foresee events.

Others shared the opinion that perhaps it was such an easy twist to predict because it was, well, so predictable.

Either way the coincidence is insane, and just another example of The Simpsons writers having their finger on the pulse.

The show famously predicted that Donald Trump would become president years before he expressed the faintest interest in the office.

Fans of Game of Thrones continue to rail against the latest season, criticising the latest episode in particular for straying from its roots.

Considering The Simpsons’ parody ending was what the writers actually chose, people’s dissatisfaction only continues to grow.

It’s all getting a little awkward as we approach the show’s finale next week.

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